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    Welcome To Aberdeen!

    A Project by NorthWest Studios.

    Aberdeen is a fictional city on the north west coast of America, between the United States and Canada, and is a busy port city home to approximately 1 million people. The surrounding area, the Greater Aberdeen Region, includes surrounding suburbs, Industrial Ports, and the Aberdeen International Airport (YAB). In total, 2.1 million people call the region home. Aberdeen is known for its large technology industry, with both Amazon and Microsoft headquartered along the Downtown "Beach Mile" near the Aberdeen Civic Center and Aberdeen Tower. Moreover, Aberdeen is known for its 4-acre Aberdeen Art Gallery, hosting world-famous paintings and located in the heart of the City Center.

    Transit Options

    Since the turn of the century in 2000, the City of Aberdeen has heavily incentivized public transportation for its citizens, doubling the capacity of the Aberdeen Motorbus Company (AMB) within 10 years. Although the majority of routes are operated by AMB, subsidies from the municipal government has introduced local routes such as the Washington Bridge Shuttle and encouraged intercity coach services such as Flixbus America to extend service into Downtown Aberdeen (Pacific Central Station) and the International Airport.

    Transit Fares and Zones

    Aberdeen Motorbus Company

    The AMB operates the majority of routes in the Greater Aberdeen Region, including the main tourist Route 17 Aberdeen Civic Center / Waterfront Public Market. Further, the AMB also operates an assortment of local and express services, including the 67 and 67X to the International Airport. Within the Aberdeen Downtown Area (Zone A), fares are heavily subsidized by the municipal government, so residents are encouraged to take advantage of the routes offered by the AMB.

    Washington Bridge Shuttle

    The Washington Bridge Shuttle is a free route operated by the AMB for the City of Aberdeen, running 10-meter (33 feet) buses from Pacific Central Station across the river which separates Downtown Aberdeen from the rest of the city. The shuttle operates on a 8-10 minute frequency daily from 6:05 am to 8:30 pm in the winter and 9:55 pm in the summer. 1-2 buses operate on this route, free of charge.

    Flixbus America

    Among other intercity coach services in the region, Flixbus operates an increasingly frequent amount of mid to long distance routes between Aberdeen and neighboring cities. Most coach services operate from Pacific Central Station to other cities via. the International Airport, although some trips shuttle between the two stations regularly

    Transit Network

    Downtown Aberdeen (drivable routes):


    This map will be released in phases as more progress is made. We are trying to focus our effort into a dense area compared to a stretched out region, so to maintain top quality standards of other established European map. For the foreseeable future, there will be 4 Phases:

    Phase 1: Downtown - 4 Routes

    Route 5 Pacific Central Station / Aberdeen Art Gallery

    Route 7 Pacific Central Station / Waterfront - Public Market

    Route 17 Aberdeen Civic Center / Waterfront - Public Market

    Route 67 (Short Turn) Pacific Central Station / Waterfront - Beach Street

    Phase 1.5: Airport - Additional 1.5 Routes

    Route 67 (Full) Waterfront - Beach Street / Aberdeen International Airport / Waterfront - Beach Street

    Route 67X Waterfront - Beach Street / Aberdeen International Airport Express

    Phase 2: The Beach Update - Tourist and Beach Routes

    More information to follow

    Phase 3: The Industrial Update - Industrial Harbor Routes

    More information to follow

    Phase 4: The Going Home Update - Residential Routes

    More information to follow

    The Bigger Plan

    Full Resolution Version: Aberdeen Route Map 0.2.pdf

    Our Mission

    Our development team's goal is to produce a completely new American OMSI 2 map which heavily focuses on detailed scenery and an authentic experience. We would love to get the community involved and make this map as much European as it is American, especially when we release our livery pack soon. We hope to cater to both the American OMSI community, with styles and AI that reflect American transit agencies, but also include support for European fleets and vehicles.

    Help us gauge the interest from the community by rating the thread! It will be greatly appreciated!

    Join us on Our Discord!

    Regular updates and screenshots will be posted much quicker than on the forum! Click Here!


    January 2021

    December 2020



    August 2020

    30940-ikea-png (1920×1080)

    30942-mcfarlane2-png (1920×1080)

    30941-mcfarlane-png (1920×1080)

    July 2020

    June 2020

    A NorthWest Studios Project ~ tealts  reappearings

    (c) 2020 - 2021

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  • I recommend you to change the Ground-Texture. It repeats itself and (in my opinion) it should be a bit darker.

    Best wishes

    LC1 :)

    Do you have any suggestions for which grass texture to use? I find the default one actually a bit too dark for my taste.

  • Continuing progress near the Aberdeen Tower. The area will be based on the Space Needle area in Seattle, WA, and the surrounding parks will lead to the Aberdeen Convention Center half a kilometer away! There will also be a beach up against the shore front with museums and stalls for tourists to enjoy.

    Also - Introducing "bike lane green!" as seen in many North American cities.

  • Progress pics from in-game! Hopefully a repaint will come into the scene at some point ... right now a placeholder VHH eCitaro is sufficient

    Co-Founder of NorthWest Studios, an American OMSI 2 development studio.

    Current Projects: [WIP] Aberdeen, [WIP] Salish Express, NorthWest Studios Signage Pack

    Edited once, last by tealts: god forbid discord images ever go unsupported or get watermarks, but all the photos have been uploaded natively to the webdisk :) ().

  • tealts You have to upload pictures here, as an attachment. External pictures are forbidden. Otherwise your thread will be closed.

  • tealts You have to upload pictures here, as an attachment. External pictures are forbidden. Otherwise your thread will be closed.

    Oh! Was the rule updated recently? I thought in the pinned post it only says that "you can also use external hosters, but then the data protection click for the "Allow" must first be done, the images are then not compressed and on top of that nobody knows when a hoster will leave the network, change the infrastructure or delete any pictures..."

    Is it a rule now that linked photos cannot be used?

  • Yes. It was decided by a poll some days ago: Umfrage zu Bilderupload [Anleitung siehe Post 26]

    Edit: All recent changes to the regulation are listed here: Geänderte Regel in der WebDisk

    ahh ok i see. Do posts need to be retroactively changed or only from July 5 and onwards?

  • I understood that it is better to change as soon as possible, especially if it has been reported, but also in other cases.

    Better to be silent and look stupid, rather than talking and remove all doubt.

    (In the original language sounds better that english, but the concept is the same ...)


  • More progress updates! We have continued our focus along Washington Avenue, where the Route 7 (and 17) will travel along the coast of Downtown Aberdeen.

    Parking Info (obj. courtesy of DavidM of course) introduced at Aberdeen Tower:

    Washington Avenue at the Aberdeen Civic Center (left side):

    New bus exchange for "Aberdeen Civic Center:"

    On another note, we are working out the guidelines for the standard repaint of the Aberdeen Motorbus Fleet. However, we would love to see repaint ideas from the community if interested! Please contact us if you would like to try and create a design livery for the AMB fleet! (it can be for any bus! citaro, c2, new flyer, etc...)

  • We want to try a few designs, but something with our AMB logo (attached; inspired from Kowloon Logo).

    Here's a design we really like, and we're experimenting with making it have red accents instead of blue: Here

    We also want to take inspiration from the color scheme of R-Net in the Netherlands, with a red/gray/black, more modern aesthetic: Here

    I don't want to impose too many guidelines but see what inspiration others take from the links above; feel free to experiment with the color scheme from both links and the logo included! We would love to see what others in the community could make!

    Edit, I will upload a vector image later so that it is maximum resolution, as well as other color variants.