Änderungen/Changes: 2018-09-09

Welcome to the OMSI-WebDisk!
You might have certainly noticed that the most content of user postings is written in german. But you are not forced to translate your text in german (the translations are usually not understandable anyway; but if you have learned it and want to practice, of course feel free to try it). You can write your text in english language and you will see that the community will anwser in english, too. Take it easy, our community is flexible.
Thematically here is all about the WebDisk itself!
Game errors, requests for help, etc. in relation to OMSI are wrong here! Use the specials forums!
  • Wir haben es in Änderungen/Changes 2018-05-24 bereits angekündigt:

    1. Login und Registrierung über Steam [...] ist [...] im System implementiert [...], aber hier muss ich noch auf Aerosoft warten. [...]

    Valve (Steam) hat in der Zwischenzeit die notwendigen Anpassungen vorgenommen, die Registrierung und ein Anmelden über Steam funktionieren nunmehr.

    Es ist möglich, euren Account nachträglich mit Steam zu koppeln:

    1. Wechseln in dein eigenes Profil,
    2. klicke (oben rechts) auf den Stift und wähle Mit Steam verifizieren aus,
    3. melde dich in Steam (logischerweise mit deinen Steam-Zugangsdaten!) an und bestätige die Kopplung.

    Das war es schon, danach seid ihr zurück in der WebDisk.

    English Versiongb.svg

    We already announced in Änderungen/Changes 2018-05-24

    1. We have already implemented login and registration via Steam, but we are currently waiting for Aerosoft to unlock our domain at Steam [...].

    Valve (Steam) has made the necessary adjustments, registration and login via Steam are working now.

    It's additional possible to coupling your account with Steam for further logins:

    1. Go into your own profile,
    2. click (top right) on the pencil icon and choose Verify with Steam,
    3. login in Steam (logically with your Steam credentials!) and confirm the pairing.

    That's all, than you will be back in the WebDisk.