frage zu Omsi 2 Dispo Help

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You might have certainly noticed that the most content of user postings is written in german. But you are not forced to translate your text in german (the translations are usually not understandable anyway; but if you have learned it and want to practice, of course feel free to try it). You can write your text in english language and you will see that the community will anwser in english, too. Take it easy, our community is flexible.
  • Hallo,

    habe eine Frage zu Omsi 2 Dispo Help. Wenn ich die Fahrpläne vom Addon Bremen Nord Importiere werden mir nur die alten Linien 75, 76, usw. angezeigt und nicht die neuen Linien 95, 96, usw. kann man irgendwie Die Fahrpläne der neuen Linien importieren?