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    Optare Versa Bus 2011 3D model - Vehicles on Hum3D


    Do you mean this Bus here?

    A new bus to intergrate in a Simulation is heavy! Some developer seat more months even years on a Bus for OMSI.... You neded also sounds from the Vehicle, Pictures etc... How much you pay for the 3D Bus? Dollar or Euro? I think you are new in OMSI? Do you know the basics and more in the direction of Blender and modding?

    EDIT: This Thread is for mods from Sobol .... So its the wrong thread for the Question...

    Overrath Rösrath hear on Webdisk is a good Real Map! Which DLC you must be have can you Read in the Readme most likekly... or you go to the Tab Maps and than at Real Maps, There can you See some Maps.

    Sorry for my not good English...