Donate for the OMSI-WebDisk

Every real project costs money and the WebDisk is no exception for that.

The basic principle of OMSI-WebDisk - "from gamers, for gamers". It shouldn't only concern downloadable content but also costs - on a voluntary donation basis. If only 1 cent per download would been donated, the approximate sum today would have been 30,000 Euro (~34,950 USD [USA], ~130.000 PLN [PL], ~2.204.000 RUB [RU]). That's enough money to build our own cloud without download speed limitations and downtimes.

That's the reality:

The OMSI-WebDisk balance shows negative numbers - since 2015. Not even mentioning the money effort of our "reboot". Since august 2015 we are running banner advertisements. This only pays off the operating costs (server, domain) but no licenses, one-time costs for plugins, etc.


  1. Running costs Jan-Jul 2015
    From January to July 2015, we paid all the operating costs by ourselves. Open balance: see here.

  2. Modernisation in 2018
    For our "reboot", we spent 44.99 Euro for the download database and 69.99 Euro for the forum software.
  3. Others
    We expect 70 Euro for future costs (e.g. the next software upgrade which is planned in winter 2019).

Our open costs are shown here, including the associated donations (anonymised).


Donate via Liberapay

There are no advantages gained at OMSI-WebDisk when donating for our services. The GTC remain in place.