Liepaja V4+Patch V4+Patch

License Agreement
Supported version of OMSI
OMSI v2.x
Recommended version of OMSI
Current v2.3.x
Prerequisite commercial expansions
- Nothing -

The map is free of all Omsi2 commercial expansions!

Map name is Liepaja V4. It's the real Latvia 3 rd largest city.

The city is built in full and corresponding to 80% of real life.

Neighbouring town Grobina is also available on the map.

The map is very large.A total of 35 routes are available,

30 of which are currently available in the city.

The city also operates the only one tram line, which is also available on the map.

Hopefully, it will be clear how to copy everything correctly for the card to work.

You can find the files you want in the folder: OMSI 2/maps/Liepaja V4/Dokumenti

Everything has been created in Latvian language only, so you will have to use a

translator to understand something.

Authors of the map: Raimonds Kristovskis, Rolands Verešs.

And helped: Nikolay Prygunov, Andrey Gerega, Oleg Davidov, Pavel Makeev, Artyom Laktionov, Sergey Pishulin.

Download for map(Yandex): Liepaja V4(Yandex) (Press button-Скачать)

Download for map(Google): Liepaja V4(Google)


In this archive is only new navigation files, map folder and new Hof file.

Before using this archive, delete the old Liepaja V4 map.

Changes of the map:

New bus stops im some places.

Improved passenger system in bus stops.

New bus line Nr.5(Night line)

Changes to lists on bus routes: 12, 12A, 12B, 13, 13A

  • Ich habe keinen Zugriff auf die GoogleDrive Datei. Kannst bittte die Linkfreigabe aktivieren?

  • Bitte ein anderen Anbieter suchen um die Map runter zuladen.

    Damit kann niemand was anfangen da man dort registriert sein muss.

    Und ob alle mit Russisch klar kommen bezweifle ich.

  • Hello,

    This map looking pretty good, but i don't dowload in Yandex for the V4, i'm really sorry, can you send the map in an other website ?

    Thanks you ;)