Setra S415 NF Winsenburg Repaint 1.0.0

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Creative Commons <by-nc-sa>
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OMSI v2.x
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Winsenburg Repaint Setra 415 NF

Setra 415 NF Winsenburg Repaint
Hi, I made this my first repaint to share here.

First of all, sorry for my bad English but I'm a Hungarian guy :)
I chose the Setra 415NF to make a Winsenburg repaint on it.
So, as I said, this is my first repaint to share here.

I've attached the original .pdn ( ) file to edit my own work, if you do not like it and you want to change something.
License: CC BY-NC-SA / CC BY-NC SA 2.5 HU

Have fun! :)

  • Wonderful repaint :)

    Could you please create more Winsenburg repaints for busses like the new IVECO or Neoplan?

    • Thank you so much! :)

      I would love to create more repainting. :)

      I like the Iveco, and Neoplan idea!