GX137 BetterSounds V2 2.1.1

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Very realistic sounds recorded on a GX Linium of Palm Bus (GX Linium and GX137 have same motors)

This pack isn't the bus file because Acrotere didn't want to me to publish the entire bus with it.

This is a sound pack for the GX137 by Acrotere Design. Some sounds are recorded from a Palm Bus vehicle, the GX Linium. GX 337 Linium and GX 137 have the same motor (Tector 7).
Unfortunately, this pack only changes the sounds of the GX137 with Voith gearbox, because Palm Bus don't haves ZF gearboxes.

Palm Bus is the first bus company to receive the GX 337 Linium. They received the very first prototype of GX Linium in 2017, in Cannes.
Palm Bus only has Heuliez vehicles, which may make it easier for me to create Plug-ins for Heuliez vehicles in the future.

Thanks !

  • 2.1.1

    - Corrected : ADAD sound not working (remove ADAD.wav file before copy)
    - Removed : useless script wrote by me, using stock GX137 request
  • 2.1.0

    - added : retarder script and ADAD
    - added : speed sounds slightly changed
    - corrected : bug fixes
  • 2.0.0

  • So you just took the sounds off the Iveco Crossway LE, ok...

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    • Yea what's the problem ? I had permissions from the sound creator, and then the GX 137 has a Tector7 engine, like the Iveco Crossway. And then some sounds were recorded by me.

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    • Still very confusing since no one was mentioned, or the fact that they are from the Iveco.

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