CityBus 628L & 628G LF - V.I.T.A. repaints 1.0.0

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Citybus 628c & 628g LF (Info)

CityBus 628L & 628G LF - V.I.T.A. repaints

Important information:

  • The logos: V.I.T.A., the Lion, Vita Tours, Transfer Vallée and other logos on the bus are Trade Marks ™/ Copyright © of:
    V.I.T.A. S.p.A. (
    Via Nazionale,10 - 11020 Arnad (AO) – Italy.
    CF-P.IVA: IT 00035670074
    N. Reg. Imprese Aosta 00035670074 - N. R.E.A. 28694 del 18.07.62 - Codice Univoco: TØ4ZHR3
  • LjNad has been authorized in written to publish the add-on with the above logos. No one else is authorized to use above logos without prior authorization from V.I.T.A. S.p.A.
  • V.I.T.A. S.p.A. might decide at any time that the authorization to use the logos for the add-on are revoked. You are required to delete the addon and to not further use it in that case.
  • The add-on is authorized to be hosted for download only on the OmsiWebDisk under the LjNad account or in an official LjNad website. Any other website hosting the download will be reported for copyright infringement according to law. Penalties as further described in the present document will apply for any single infringement reported.


  • A LICENSED version of OMSI 2
  • A LICENSED version of CityBus 628L & 628G LF add-on


  • Extract the content on the <Drive:>\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\
    Where <Drive:> is the drive letter (example c: where Steam and Omsi are installed in your pc)

This mod/license

can’t be:

  • Uploaded on any other site than the OmsiWebDisk under LjNad account.
  • Distributed by any mean.

    Any improper use of the mod will be legally persecuted. The user implicitly accepts liability in case of misuse or illegal distribution of the mod with penalty of Eur 30.000, -- (thirty thousand Euro) per each single infringement. Each copy leaked counts as a single infringement no matter if it was intentional or unintentional and reserve the right to claim to the user further damages directly or indirectly caused by the improper use of the license.

Logos, brands, names are property of the respective owners.

Terms and conditions:

The mod is offered as is without any form of warranty or support.

By downloading it, you accept any risk that might arise with the use. LjNad© is therefore not responsible by any means for any direct or indirect damages that the use of the mod might cause.