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Main areas

The WebDisk consists of the following main areas, each with a tab in the title bar:

  • WebDisk / Filebase
    The largest download archive around OMSI2 - The Bus Simulator. Here are all downloads listet, on the right side you choose the categories.
  • Forum
    The heart of the platform is the forum. Here everything revolves around discussions: Polls, feedback, errors around the WebDisk itself and of course discussion topics about OMSI. There is also a community area where you can exchange information about topics outside of OMSI ("Off-topic").
  • Wiki
    The OMSI-Wiki is a kind of reference work around OMSI for add-on developers and players. Our hard-working experts write here extensive help and collect tips&tricks that can help. The Wiki is constantly being expanded with new topics.
  • Articles
    All important information and announcements concerning the platform.
  • FAQ
    You know it from other sides: The most important questions about the WebDisk briefly summarized.
  • Ticket system
    This, too, must not go unmentioned: An uncomplicated and quick way to contact the administration (e.g. if you can no longer log in or to report entries). Even unregistered users are authorised to open tickets here.
  • Discord
    Discord is an online service for (language) chats. The WebDisk and its members are also active there with a server. You can get there via the invitation link in the title bar.

A list of the most important links that you should know about and that you can look into from time to time.

  • Informationen of the team
  • Co-determination
    • Surveys with votings and discussion on various topics regarding this platform.
    • Questions & suggestions - Are you missing something on this platform or do you have a question? Feel free to give feedback and let us know!
    • System errors & problems - Here we collect all errors and problems of the WebDisk. Important: This is only about the WebDisk, not about problems with OMSI!
  • OMSI
    • Support - For users who experience problems, crashes or bugs or who have a problem with Steam or with an add-on.
    • Help - Developers who have questions about OMSI add-on/mod development discuss tips &tricks, bug fixes of own creations, map building & Co.
    • Freeware - Here developers showcase their freeware projects, WIP projects offer the opportunity for discussion and constructive feedback; questions can be asked and support requested for completed projects.