OMSI AddOn Developer

Hello everybody,

soon we will extend the areas with the OMSI add-ons. The aim is to bring more structure into the forum and to separate these topics around add-ons from the regular MOD topics. For this purpose there will be a new forum area, all currently existing threads will be moved there.

In addition, there will be a new rank of AddOn Developer, so that they radiate more authority, act as contact persons and are visually more recognisable. However, the developers are free to use this rank or to disguise themselves as "OMSI-Modder" or regular users. It is - as always - a voluntary matter.

How do I get the rank "AddOn developer"?

This rank is exclusively for OMSI AddOn developers who have their content marketed via Aerosoft or Halycon. Developers of free DLCs who made it into the Steam Shop (namely: K-Bergbahn, Express 91.06, VanHool series) are also welcome, their content has also reached official status.

The developers of both Aerosoft and Halycon will contact their respective contact person at the publisher by email, stating their WebDisk username. We will then receive (by email to, by discord, by private message here in the WebDisk or even by the publisher himself via group management) the release to add you to the user group of add-on developers.

Thus you are verified by your respective publisher and at the same time we have done everything in our power to offer maximum security so that no unauthorised persons can enter this user group.