Fictitious repaints of "regiobus Potsdam Mittelmark"

Dear Community,

from now on we do not allow any fictional repaints of the company "regiobus Potsdam Mittelmark GmbH" (Germany) in our filebase. This includes repaints for buses that "regiobus Potsdam Mittelmark GmbH" does not operate at all, including the branded lines "PlusBus Powerbus". The reason is that the company behind the protected and registered brand does not want such repaints - please respect this.

We will delete all repaints that meet this criterion from our filebase in the next few days and will also not activate such repaints. There will be no sanctions or warnings for the users concerned. Other companies are not affected.

We thank you for your understanding.

Best regards


on behalf of the WebDisk team.