Who is behind the WebDisk?

The WebDisk was launched by Wörki as project manager, MarvinK and pBuch in August 2013. The current composition of the team can be viewed here.

Do I have to register to use the WebDisk?

Files can be downloaded without registration. If you want to comment on an entry or provide a download entry yourself, registration is required.

The forum is public, i.e. anyone can view posts and topics. In order to take part in surveys and actively participate in the life of the forum, registration is also required. An exception is the community area; this is reserved exclusively for registered users. A user account must also be created for subscribing to files and topics in order to be automatically notified of new versions or contributions, and for sending private messages to other users.

Do I have to pay to use the site?

No. The WebDisk is free. You pay neither directly nor with your data, e.g. via personalised advertising.

How is the WebDisk financed?

The operating costs of the server are financed by advertising: AEROSOFT, the publisher of OMSI(2), places banners on the site and presents the latest developments. The purchase of new apps, plugins and license renewals are covered privately by the project management and by donations.

What is the technical basis of the WebDisk?

The WoltLab Suite, a content management system (CMS), forms the basic framework. Numerous apps and plug-ins (e.g. the forum) are used. The platform is continuously extended and patched.

Why do I not see all the contents?

By default, only content in your activated language will be displayed. In the user account management (under the item "General") you can deactivate and activate the contents of the languages. We recommend that you select all languages.

How can I contribute to the Wiki?

Anyone who is interested in contributing something submits his or her first article or concept (e.g. revision of an existing article) to the administration. After checking, the person is then invited to the user group and granted write access to the wiki and internal discussion forum. We only accept serious applications.

With the Wiki we want to create a neutral and comprehensive reference work in which only verified authors write entries. A wiki article is subject to special quality conditions. In addition, a wiki article should be more comprehensive than a "normal" tutorial.

What is the ticket system?

The ticket system offers the possibility to contact the platform management and administrators quickly and easily. Usages are for example:

  • Problems with the account
  • Possibly unjustified bans
  • Report of illegal download entries, or altogether reports from guests
  • Translation request

The advantage of this system is that potentially all administrators and managers will see the message. When a private message is sent to a team member, it is always possible that the other person is absent. The ticket system can also be used by blocked or unregistered users and attachments can be sent with the message. In the following cases the ticket system is not applicable:

What does the future of WebDisk look like?

The WebDisk is planned as a long-term project, a shutdown is currently not planned. In the hypothetical event that WebDisk changes operator or is even shut down, the team assures an orderly sequence and sufficient lead time to back up all data. However, this is not an issue at this time.

What rules apply here?

The platform-wide set of rules for the OMSI WebDisk can be found here. There is listed what is allowed here and what is not.

Do you also have a Discord?

Yes! You can find the invitation link at https://discord.omsi-webdisk.de/ and in the "Links" tab.

The images I want to upload are too large.

Please scale down your images with an image editor or convert them into a memory-friendly format (JPG, PNG). For compression you can use for example TinyJPG.

User account

I cannot (any longer) access my account.

This may have several reasons:

  • A permanent blocking of the account due to serious breaches of the rules.
  • A temporary block by moderators or the system.
  • A block due to double accounts (see "What are double accounts").
  • The account has not been activated. When registering, each account must be activated by e-mail. Further information on this can be found in the activation e-mail.

If you think that these reasons do not apply to you, please contact us via the ticket system, an administrator will contact you and explain the reason if necessary.

Do not try to create a second account! Duplicate accounts may be blocked automatically!

I have forgotten my password / user name.
What are double accounts and why are they blocked?

Each user may only have one account in the WebDisk at any one time in order to ensure equal opportunities in competitions and the like. Any blockings or sanctions may not be circumvented by duplicate accounts.

If a user has several accounts, the duplicate account will be blocked, in serious cases all accounts will be blocked. Should a double account be wrongly identified and blocked (this happens from time to time, e.g. in public WiFi networks or in a household with several people), it will of course be reactivated. Please contact us via the ticket system.

I share internet access with several people, what do I need to consider?

Normally several accounts with the same IP address are blocked, as we assume that there is only one user behind an IP address and double accounts are not allowed. If you share an internet access with several people (e.g. in your own family, household, flat share or student residence) and other people also want to use or are already using a WebDisk account, we ask you to send us a message so that your account is not blocked by us.

How do I get the "OMSI Player" trophy?

To get the "OMSI Player" trophy, you need to link your account to Steam here and set the Steam games in the privacy settings to public:


What to do in case of a warning or admonition?

In such a large forum, it is not possible without rules that apply to all users. Team members issue warnings or admonishments to point out misconduct - not to harass or expose users. Warnings or admonishments are only visible to administrators, moderators and yourself. Read the reason for the warning or admonishment carefully and follow the instructions described there. If something is unclear, you are welcome to reply to the PN and ask questions. Please observe a polite way of dealing with the team members as well! In general, knee-jerk reactions ("Then I won't upload anything anymore") or insults are never welcome.

​I have lost access to the 2 factor codes.​

Contact us via the ticket system. The administrators can reset the 2-factor authentication.

What does a lock next to the user name mean?

A red lock as shown in the picture means that the user is currently locked. This can have many reasons:

  • Temporary or permanent suspension due to misconduct
  • Unusual account activities, e.g. atypical IP address for the user's location.
  • Double accounts are also blocked (see FAQ "What are double accounts")
  • Returned e-mails
  • Voluntary blocking upon request

A block does not necessarily mean that the user has committed a rule violation. However, for reasons of confidentiality, we do not disclose details of individual bans.



How can I influence the WebDisk?

We promote a constructive culture of discussion here at the WebDisk and are always looking for new suggestions and ideas. Everyone is encouraged to contribute their own ideas. There are also surveys at regular intervals. Nevertheless, the community cannot be consulted on all decisions. These may be legal reasons (e.g.: Unconditional compliance with the protection of minors, as OMSI is a game for everyone and we do not introduce age restrictions) or conditions of our external partners (e.g. AEROSOFT, publisher of OMSI). Furthermore, there are various technical restrictions, due to the use of the WoltLab Suite software.

Why can't I delete my post/thread?

It happens again and again that users delete their posts. This, however, involves certain difficulties:

  • If they are support/help threads, knowledge is lost. Other people who have the same question have to look for a solution again.
  • Deleting the starting post makes an entire thread unusable.
  • In longer discussions with deleted posts, the following posts are taken out of context and can no longer be understood

We have therefore deactivated the delete function for all users. We try to restrict as few rights as possible, but some restrictions must be with a forum of this size. If you wish to delete a post, please use the report function, then a moderator will check the message and delete the post or leave it as it is.

I have a problem with a forum post.

Under each post in the forum there is a button to report problematic posts due to possible violations of the forum rules (e.g. insults, hostility). When you click on this button, the post is sent directly to a moderator, who checks the post and takes further action if necessary. Until then we ask for patience and refrain from asking questions.


I have a problem with a user.

Basically, differences of a private nature between two users are out of the scope of administrative control. However, in case of a dispute within the WebDisk (e.g. conversation) a mediator can be called in to mediate between the two parties.


Is the team remunerated?

No. We team members run the WebDisk on a voluntary basis in our free time. This means that everyone has a professional and private life on the side. Our only reward is the fun we have with the community and the joy of great OMSI creations.

Can I become a team member?

Unsolicited applications for team positions are not accepted. All team members are carefully selected, as a position in administration or moderation is a very honourable task. An office is also associated with a high level of responsibility, e.g. internal information must not be made public.

I was treated unfairly by the administration / moderation.

In this case we recommend that you consult a mediator in the forum. Mediators are impartial and try to find a solution to conflicts that satisfies both parties. If your account is blocked, please use the ticket system.

What does a mediator do?

A mediator is a neutral person who mediates here in the WebDisk in case of trouble between users and the team. He acts unbiased and neutral.

Who are the publishers, Aerosoft and Halycon?

Publishers who publish commercial add-ons and simulations are also represented on this platform. Aerosoft, the publisher of OMSI (2) and many AddOns, supports the WebDisk financially. Halycon is also well known in the simulator scene and distributes various AddOns for OMSI (2) and other games.

What are the tasks of an administrator?

The administrators are the most senior team members after the management and take care of all user concerns regarding the platform:

The administrators are also authorised to issue warnings and sanctions against users. Instructions of the administrators must be followed.

Who is the user 'James'?

James is the neutral butler of the WebDisk. He publishes announcements and information on behalf of the entire WebDisk team. There is no "real" person behind this, but a function of the forum software.

Who are the payware developers?

Payware developers are verified authors of payware add-ons. They have special rights in the commercial add-on area to present their latest achievements there.

What do the filebase checkers do?

The Filebase checkers look at newly uploaded entries and activate them or contact the author if there are discrepancies or an entry violates the rules.

What are the experts?

All information about the OMSI Experts can be found here.

What is the OMSI-Modder?

Users who have uploaded at least 20 files and reached 1000 activity points get the OMSI Modder rank. This user group has larger limits for file sizes when uploading and for conversations. Users who have made a name for themselves in WebDisk as uploaders and/or are distinguished by a high level of community activity, but have not yet uploaded 20 entries, occasionally receive the rank manually by the administration or on request.

If the above conditions are fulfilled, the group will be automatically assigned by the system within the next 24 hours.

What do the translators do?

The Translators translate the announcements and news for the team to ensure multilingualism. You can also get a translation via the ticket system.

My PN was read by a team member, but not (yet) answered.

We team members run the WebDisk on a voluntary basis in our spare time. This means that everyone has a professional and private life on the side. It can happen that we read such a PN, but do not yet answer or take further action. We try to process every request or feedback as fast as possible.


Why are no external downloads allowed?

The WebDisk has established itself as a download platform, as it is, over the last few years, and the majority of the community is in favour of its use. Secure, unlimited and fast; these principles should remain. External platforms have the following disadvantages compared to the WebDisk:

  • Downloads could disappear over time because data is no longer accessed, the hosters change their terms and conditions or even their system (e.g. due to a more comprehensive modernisation). Some hosters also delete files after a specified time. None of this happens in the WebDisk.
  • Inaccessible links delete threads that are not actively maintained. Downloads are therefore lost.
  • Hosters usually finance themselves through advertising, often resulting in fake download buttons, large system messages such as "Your computer has been blocked, please pay...." or other dubious/dubious content. The WebDisk on the other hand contains small advertising boxes from AEROSOFT, which link to the OMSI add-ons or actions.
  • Potential danger of clicking on a "fake" download button and downloading malicious software (adware, but possibly also nastier Trojans) instead. A potential danger for PC laymen or children/young people.
  • Also our conditions, e.g. that the OMSI folder structure is strictly adhered to, cannot be checked. The external download is beyond our control.
What advantages does the WebDisk offer compared to other hosters?

Advantages for modders

  • Instead of searching for MODs in the vastness of the WWW, the basic idea is that sooner or later every AddOn should be found here. From then on it is only a matter of linking to required AddOn's within OMSI-WebDisk.
  • Pictures of the AddOn or modification are directly integrated in the download portal. No more tedious integration of image material via external pages and in any forums, because here a single link is enough! Also, unlike with third-party hosters, image material is not deleted.
  • Own administration of files to allow easy update/upgrade and, if necessary, to keep older previous versions.
  • Reports of copyright infringements, e.g. SceneryObjects integrated into the download without permission in your own map, are subject to a proper examination and - as far as possible - an attempt is made to mediate between the parties so that an agreement can be found in the interest of all "OMSIans".

Advantages for end users

  • No waiting time before downloading.
  • No "downtimes", because downloads are usually not deleted.
  • One central download page for all user modifications including previews (images, screen shots, demos). It couldn't be simpler or clearer.
  • No intrusive advertising, fake download buttons or the like.
  • Location: The WebDisk servers run in Germany and the contact persons are also German. So your data is protected according to German law and you have a German contact person for your problems.
Why is my entry invisible?

IIn the whole WebDisk there is a manual activation for files. This means that before the file becomes public, it is reviewed by a Filebase checker. If everything is ok, the entry will be unlocked, otherwise you will be informed via PN to correct them. Incorrect old versions will be deleted afterwards.

I cannot delete / deactivate my file.

Similar to deleting your own posts in the forum, this function is also deactivated for all users. We would like to use the WebDisk to create a permanent OMSI download archive, with as little data loss as possible. Old versions are not deleted either!

If you want to delete your entry, report the entry with the "Report" button and specify the reason for the deletion. A moderator will then mark the corresponding file as deleted. After a period of 60 days the entry will be permanently removed from the WebDisk. Of course we respect the copyrights and everybody has the right to have his entry deleted. However, please remember that it is not community-friendly behaviour to delete all files out of frustration, personal differences or as a result of a short-circuit reaction and to withdraw them from the availability of the community.

I noticed a download entry that seems to violate the copyright law. What to do?

Report the entry using the report function (registered users) or open an support ticket.

I noticed a download entry that apparently has wrong paths. What is to be done?

Report the entry using the report function (registered users) or open an support ticket.

What is the difference between comments and reviews?

Comments are any kind of (subjective) remarks. We explicitly encourage a constructive discussion culture here at WebDisk, where everyone can express their opinion in the form of comments on the downloads. If there is no separate thread, comments can also be used for bug reports or similar.

Reviews, on the other hand, serve to objectively evaluate the quality of a download and to give a recommendation; points of criticism should be explained constructively and comprehensibly and formulated as suggestions for improvement. The review system does not provide space for personal differences nor for reactions to other reviews. Comments that do not comply with the guidelines for reviews will be deleted and sanctioned in case of repetition.

How big can my download be?

The maximum file size in the filebase is 2GB. However, this size should not be exhausted, on the one hand to save resources, on the other hand to consider users who have a weak internet connection. Instead, we recommend for larger files (maps, buses, etc.) a strong compression, such as 7-zip offers. The Filebase Inspectors will also be happy to help you with compression. Another solution for too large files is to split one file into several archives.

How long does it take to check my entry?

The time it takes to check the file depends on the size of the file, the type of download and the current workload of the Filebase reviewers, as all downloads are checked manually. Most downloads are released within 12h. - However, some files require more intensive review, especially large maps with included content. Please refrain from asking about the status. After the check you will either get a PN with the complaints or the entry will be unlocked.

What happens if my files violate the Filebase rules more often?

According to the rules, repeated violations will result in warnings or admonishments - at the discretion of the Filebase Inspectors and depending on the severity and frequency. Particularly frequent or very serious violations, e.g. of copyright law, may result in a temporary ban. If you are unsure whether you have created your file entry correctly or you are unclear about the Filebase rules, contact the Inspectors via PN.