Details and rules for raffles


  1. Every user (natural person) is authorized to participate.
  2. Only one WebDisk account is allowed to participate in the contest.
    If a public Internet connection (university, school, public WLAN, etc.) is used or several people in the household share the same Internet connection, please inform the WebDisk admins immediately!

  3. It's forbidden to sell the steam keys you won; a cash payment is excluded.
    If you already own the prize, please send a message to Wörki, who will look for an alternative prize.

  4. In the case of an optional prize, please send a message to Wörki mentioning the preferred AddOn.
    Note: The product you wish to get must be labled as Publisher: Aerosoft in the online shop of Aerosoft.

How are the winner determined?

This happens randomly from all users who have participated. We can't exercise any manual influence (happens fully automatically by the system).

If no winner is determined or if the winner does not respond, a new lottery will be started.