Set of rules

- Preface -

The OMSI-WebDisk is a public forum in which all members can participate, as long as they agree to the terms of use. The OMSI-WebDisk belongs to Crystal Soul Production (CSP), a community of players that was formed from a virtual haulage company for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2). All users of the OMSI-WebDisk are connected by a common hobby - OMSI and public transport. We team members provide with the OMSI-WebDisk a discussion room for these and related topics, plus an area for players and modders looking for help.

We maintain a friendly and constructive interaction with each other and follow the philosophy of "as few rules as possible". Moderators do not promote the friendly atmosphere alone, but everyone can contribute to it. The following rules are intended to promote the community and the climate through clear rules and structures.

We team members are active here in our spare time and do not pursue any commercial intentions with the OMSI-WebDisk. All income from advertising and donations goes to the OMSI-WebDisk platform.

- Rules -

  1. The general laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply, including copyright and youth protection laws.
    1. What is allowed under German law does not necessarily apply to the OMSI-WebDisk. Some rules of the OMSI-WebDisk are more restrictive.
    2. The right to freedom of speech does not apply to private websites.
    3. The issuing of a "virtual house ban" is permissible. (LG Germany, Munich I, AZ 30 O 11973/05)
    4. Non-adolescent content may not be disseminated.
    5. No politically, offensive, extreme or racist content may be disseminated.
  2. All users bear their own responsibility in case of misconduct. If a user does not abide by the rules, sanctions will follow, which may be pronounced by moderators.
  3. In addition to the rules mentioned here, there are special rules for certain areas. These are highlighted at the top of the page and marked with an icon - in forum areas, supplementary rules are pinned at the top.
  4. The rules are subject to change at any time without notice.

1. Membership and Registration

  1. Prerequisite for active participation in the OMSI-WebDisk is a registration. By creating a user account you agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy.
  2. It is not allowed to use the OMSI-WebDisk via a VPN or similar technology.
  3. For registration, a user name of your choice and an email address are required.
    1. Your username must not contain any offensive, politically radical, misleading or hurtful phrases, nor any personal data such as mail addresses or telephone numbers. The username must not suggest that you are falsely a team member of OMSI-WebDisk or an employee of Aerosoft GmbH or Halycon Media GmbH. The username must also not infringe any trademarks or imitate third persons or institutions.
    2. User names can be changed every six months.
    3. You must check your e-mail address regularly. If your e-mail address changes, you are obliged to change the address in your user profile.
    4. Accounts with mail addresses for which reception is refused (e.g. because the mailbox is overfilled or the mail account has been deleted) will be blocked.
  4. Each user may only have one account in the OMSI WebDisk. Unauthorised double accounts will be blocked.
    1. In case of problems with the account, use the "Forgotten password" function and in case of further problems, use the ticket system instead of creating a new account.
    2. Inform the team if another person in your household also uses an account. This ensures that accounts are not falsely identified as double accounts and blocked due to the IP check.
  5. Each account may only be used by one person. You agree not to share login information such as passwords and 2FA codes. Team members will never ask you for this data.
  6. You can delete your user account yourself. In this case, the account will be deleted after 7 days.
    1. After the deletion of the account, your account will be deleted with all personal data and profile.
    2. Your created content (forum posts, download and wiki entries as well as comments) remains unaffected by the deletion.
  7. With your registration you will receive a user profile. All public information on the profile is voluntary.
  8. Avatars and signatures should be inconspicuous and must not suggest that you are a team member.

2. Community Rules

These rules apply to the entire OMSI-WebDisk platform and should contribute to a positive climate.

  1. Observe moral behaviour, respect, friendliness and tolerance.
    1. Refrain from insults and vulgar and inappropriate language.
    2. Argue factually and respectfully if you have a different opinion.
    3. Criticism should be constructive and include suggestions for improvement.
    4. Use appropriate spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  2. Make sure you post your messages, topics and entries in the correct sections. All forum sections have a description of what the section is about. You can also find help in the guide.
    1. Avoid off-topic posts outside the designated areas.
    2. Support and help requests belong in the support/help forum. Especially not in the chronicles of the users.
  3. Refrain from publishing personal data. (Names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.) No one can tell whether this data is really yours or whether you want to harm others with it. Links for anonymous or pseudonymous contact via Steam, Discord and similar services are allowed.
  4. Posts with meaningless content (spamming) are undesirable, as is the excessive use of repeated characters and excessive use of smilies.
  5. Use italics, bold or coloured emphasis and resizing only for individual passages of text. Capitalisation of whole words (capslock) is also not permitted.
    1. The use of blue colour is only permitted for moderators.
    2. The use of moderation boxes is only allowed for moderators.
    3. Due to the different styles, you should use colour highlights sparingly. Explicitly set white (or very light) and black (or very dark) font cannot be read without errors in all styles.
  6. Advertising is strictly forbidden, even by private message. The only exception is your own profile, including your signature, which offers sufficient opportunity to advertise your own homepage or projects, for example. However, this must be in connection with the topic of OMSI / public transport.
  7. Only use the report function if you think a content violates the terms of use.
    1. In the event of a rule violation, only the moderators will deal with the matter; auxiliary moderation is not permitted.
    2. The report function may not be misused for deliberately false reports or personal disputes.
  8. Private matters will be dealt with privately.
  9. Do not share private information with the public or other users, including private conversations within the OMSI WebDisk and content from internal (project) forums.
  10. Do not misrepresent yourself as a team member of OMSI-WebDisk, as an employee of Aerosoft GmbH and as an employee of Halycon Media GmbH. This includes the use of rank graphics and logos.
  11. Do not share links to sites that infringe copyright, spam links or links that lead to malware or similar.

3. Team members and moderators

  1. Follow the instructions of the moderators, especially the blue moderative instructions with the icon () and notes.
  2. Moderators in the sense of the Terms of Use are all users of the following user groups: Management, Mediators, Administration, Inspectors, OMSI Experts.
    1. The managers are the project leaders, represent the OMSI-WebDisk to the outside and are contact persons for external users.
    2. The administrators are the central contact point for all users: They have far-reaching powers on the entire platform.
    3. Inspectors act as moderators in the filebase and check all files as well as comments and reviews for conformity.
    4. OMSI experts have moderating skills in the help/support and presentation areas.
    5. Mediators mediate between users. In the context of de-escalating measures, they also have moderating rights.
  3. Moderators may delete and edit user content within the scope of their rights and responsibilities. If a moderative note is subsequently inserted into a post, it may not be removed again.
  4. Moderators decide at their own discretion and according to the severity of the violation whether content that violates the rules should only be deleted or not be released, whether they should issue a warning or a reprimand. They can also decide not to remove content deliberately. (Example: a post that is against the rules is not deleted so as not to take a later discussion out of context).
    1. Contact the mediators or another moderator if you feel you have been treated unfairly.
    2. Matters with the team will not be resolved publicly. We will also not expose any member for misconduct.

4. Forum

These rules apply in addition to the community rules for posts in the forum.

  1. Make sure to create threads in the correct area, especially support and help requests for OMSI.
    1. Before creating a thread, please use the search function to see if there is already a thread on the topic.
    2. Before you create a support thread, check if there is not already a thread here (for commercial add-ons) or here (for freeware add-ons and mods). Use the already existing threads instead of creating your own threads and comment function in the filebase.
    3. Support requests do not belong in the author's chronicle.
  2. The forum is not a chat portal. Use the "Edit" function to edit a post afterwards. Use the quote function only if it is necessary to understand the context.
  3. Post longer text, code sections and log files in spoilers or code blocks.
  4. In the support forum, stick to the template and fill it out truthfully. Attach a log file to support requests and, if necessary, screenshots showing the problem.
  5. Do not ask about the status of a project or the release date. You can find more information here.
  6. Created threads and posts cannot be deleted by yourself. Please use the report function.
  7. If you want to present a project in the WIP area, please give a meaningful description and provide pictures. WIP threads that only consist of a concept but nothing presentable will be removed by the moderators. There is no space in the WIP section for repaints and similar small projects.
  8. If you make a project available, upload it to the filebase. External links for own projects to other hosters are not allowed.
  9. We recommend using the file attachment function for all kinds of images.

5. Filebase

These rules apply to uploaded files and entries in the download archive.

  1. The filebase is used to make files available to the public. Any content created there will be made available to the public after an inspection.
    1. After each upload, the file is checked by an inspector. Since not all inspectors are always online, please refrain from asking about the status of the release. If something is wrong, an inspector will contact you by PN and give you the opportunity to correct the entry.
    2. Let the responsible inspector know as soon as you have corrected the upload.
  2. Uploaded archives with files that are to be inserted into the main OMSI folder must have one of the following folder structures. This is important so that newcomers can easily install mods.
    1. [Archive] \ OMSI 2 \ [Subfolder]
    2. [Archive] \ [Name] \ OMSI 2 \ [Subfolder]
    3. [Archive] \ [Subfolder]
    4. "Subfolders" refers to the folders in the main directory of OMSI.
    5. The "OMSI 2" is to be written exactly as indicated, i.e. capitalised and with spaces.
  3. An English description is minimum for all entries (except Repaints, Miscellaneous and the Exchange). If you need help with the translation, online services like DeepL and our translators can help.
  4. A thumbnail and additional screenshots for the entry are mandatory if there is something to see. (Example: For sound mods, for example, there is nothing to show. In this case, use an icon, e.g. the loudspeaker).
  5. Each entry must be related to OMSI. Other entries will not be activated and will be removed.
  6. If you upload something to the filebase, you confirm that you are the sole author, that you have permission from the authors or that the authors have agreed to the distribution by means of an appropriate licence.
    1. In particular, the download must not contain any original OMSI files or content from official add-ons.
    2. Permission must also be granted for modifications to mods and re-uploads.
    3. Upon request of the moderators you must be able to show the approval, e.g. as a screenshot of a message.
  7. Uploaded files cannot be deleted by yourself. Please use the report function.
    1. Old versions will not be deleted as a matter of principle, because we want to create a permanent download archive with the OMSI-WebDisk. Urgent individual cases (serious errors or copyright infringements) are excluded from this.
    2. If you want to delete your files for personal reasons, frustration or the like, we reserve the right to do so. we reserve the right to revoke any trophies and ranks you have earned by uploading your files. We consider this to be behaviour detrimental to the community.
    3. Regardless of the above points, we will of course make sure that the authors' rights to their work are respected. In the case of deletion requests, we will first try to have a clarifying discussion. If you still insist on deletion, we will comply.
  8. Password-protected archives are possible, in which case the password must be in the description of the entry, in a separately uploaded readme or in a readme in the archive that can be opened without the password.
  9. If original files from OMSI or from official add-ons are overwritten, you must point this out in the description text.
  10. Your uploads must not contain any viruses, Trojans or other malware.
  11. Upload files that are related together and not in multiple entries. (Example: Several repaints for the same bus type in different versions such as solo and articulated bus)
  12. If you need support or help with a Filebase entry, first check if there is already a collective thread linked as "WebSite / Support". If so, use this thread for your request.

5a. Reviews

These rules apply to the writing of reviews of Filebase entries. You can find more details here.

  1. All reviews are released manually by the inspectors, similar to files.
  2. A review should be objective and provable. Criticisms should be sufficiently explained so that they are verifiable for everyone and can be taken up by the author as a suggestion for improvement.
  3. Detached from personal feelings, a review should only evaluate the file itself. The review system offers no space for personal differences or reactions to other reviews. (Example: someone writes a positive review only due to the fact that someone else had written a negative review).
  4. For comments of any kind, including comments that are not allowed as reviews, you are always free to use the comment function. We explicitly encourage a constructive discussion culture here at WebDisk, where everyone can express their opinion. However, there are higher hurdles for reviews.

6. Warning system and sanctions

Admonitions and warnings are issued by the moderators in the event of violations of the terms of use. An admonition/warning is communicated by PN and recorded in the profile. They can only be viewed by the person admonished/warned and the moderators.

  1. Admonishments without points are binding notices without sanctions, similar to moderative notices. They are issued, for example, for minor and first-time offences.
  2. A warning contains a certain number of points that are credited to the warned person for a certain period of time. Warning points are not to be confused with activity points, which users receive depending on their activity (posts, file entries, etc.). If a certain number of points is exceeded, the following sanctions take effect:
    • 25 points: Temporary exclusion for one week
    • 50 points: Temporary exclusion of two weeks
    • 75 points: Temporary exclusion of four weeks
    • 100 points: Permanent exclusion for life
  3. In addition to the automatic sanctions (see above), moderators may issue temporary and permanent exclusions at their own discretion and depending on the severity and number of violations.
  4. If a user's avatar violates the terms of use, the user's avatar can be blocked, the same applies to the signature.
  5. Individual cases of admonishment/warning will not be discussed publicly. If you wish to have a warning reviewed, consult another moderator or a mediator.
  6. Bans affect the OMSI-WebDisk platform ( as well as the Discord server of the OMSI-WebDisk and the whole area of the CSP.
  7. Sanctions, especially temporary or permanent exclusions, may not be circumvented by creating another account or similar. In case of non-compliance, a sanction may be extended.


  • All moderators act at their own discretion and have leeway in their moderation activities. In particular, they can sanction behaviour that they consider harmful to the community even if there is no explicit rule in the terms of use. They can also agree on deviating regulations with individual persons or groups of persons that apply in addition to the terms of use or determine exceptions.
  • All team members always try to act for the common good of the community and consult with each other. You can therefore assume that the moderators do not make any important decisions on their own.
  • We make sure that all moderative actions are appropriate to the offence in question. In particular, we also pay attention to the registration date and the previous activity of the user. (Example: If a newcomer violates the Filebase rules, e.g. if the folder structure is not correct, the inspector in charge will leave it at a message without a formal admonition/warning).
  • Remember that all team members are human, even if they are expected to behave in an exemplary manner at all times. Decisions made by the team, including moderate instructions, admonishments, warnings and sanctions, can be reversed or changed. However, this is not a reason to disrespect the team member and question their position.
  • We are always open to suggestions for improvement, questions, comments, but also complaints if something is not going well.
  • The ticket system can also be used by banned users as guests and non-registered users and should preferably be used instead of the contact form.
  • Team members will never ask you for your access data, account data (also from other services) or demand money from you. In this case, you can assume that it is phishing.