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Profile: Contact informations for TruckersMP

Licence terms

Creative Commons <by-sa> (No publicly visible copyright)

Author: Woerki | OMSi-WebDisk.de (TruckersMP staff member)


This plug-in adds an input field in the user profiles for TruckersMP.com, the (unofficial) multiplayer of "Euro Truck Simulator 2" and "American Truck Simulator".


  • [WSC] WoltLab Suite Core v5.3.x
  • [WSC] WoltLab Suite Core v5.2.x (Huricane)
  • [WSC] WoltLab Suite Core v3.1.x (Tornado)
  • [WSC] WoltLab Suite Core v3.0.x (Vortex)
  • [WCF] WoltLab Community Framework v2.1.x (Typhoon)
  • [WCF] WoltLab Community Framework v2.0.x (Maelstrom)

Version history


v1.0.1 - actual version

Download: de.omsi-webdisk.wcf.TMP_profile.tar