Night lines for Ahlheim&Laurenzbach 1.1

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Version 1.0 > 1.1:
- Bug fixes
- Small timetable changes

5 new night lines for map Ahlheim&Laurezbach.

Here is my one of older modification for map Ahlheim-Laurenzbach. This mod brings you new 5 driveable night lines - 3 for Ahlheim (NE40, NE43, NE44) and 2 for Laurenzbach (NE74, NE77).

List of new lines:

NE40: Herzenberg - Osterfelder Markt (~35 minutes)

NE43: Ahlheim Hauptbahnhof - Derenhofen Markt - Laurenzbach Hauptbahnhof (~35-70 minutes)

NE44: Rübenkamp - Heide Mitte (~35 minutes)

NE74: Quellengrund - Airbus (~40 minutes)

NE77: Korthausen - Derenhofen Makrt - Kranenburg (~60-80 minutes)

✔ Modification is compatible with other released modifications

✔ Modification don´t use or rewrite any original files

✔ Modification can be combined with multiplte modification (for example "Fahrplan mod" from Schleswig-Holstein or "Nachtlinien mod" from Mr. C2)

✖ New lines don´t have ingame navigation (I recommend to use external programs or this map route)

Thank you for support!

  • 1.1

    Only for users with another modifications!

    - New hof file with modifications "Fahrplan mod", "Nachtlinien" and "SEV Chronos" mod. Now you don´t have to spawn new bus with other hof file(s).

  • Version 1.1

    Version 1.0 > 1.1:
    - Bug fixes
    - Small timetable changes