Night lines for Ahlheim&Laurenzbach 1.1

License Agreement
Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License (WTFPL)
Supported version of OMSI
OMSI v2.x
Recommended version of OMSI
Current v2.3.x
Prerequisite commercial expansions
Hamburg Day & Night (Info)
Additional version notes
Version 1.0 > 1.1:
- Bug fixes
- Small timetable changes

5 new night lines for map Ahlheim&Laurezbach.

Here is my one of older modification for map Ahlheim-Laurenzbach. This mod brings you new 5 driveable night lines - 3 for Ahlheim (NE40, NE43, NE44) and 2 for Laurenzbach (NE74, NE77).

List of new lines:

NE40: Herzenberg - Osterfelder Markt (~35 minutes)

NE43: Ahlheim Hauptbahnhof - Derenhofen Markt - Laurenzbach Hauptbahnhof (~35-70 minutes)

NE44: Rübenkamp - Heide Mitte (~35 minutes)

NE74: Quellengrund - Airbus (~40 minutes)

NE77: Korthausen - Derenhofen Makrt - Kranenburg (~60-80 minutes)

✔ Modification is compatible with other released modifications

✔ Modification don´t use or rewrite any original files

✔ Modification can be combined with multiplte modification (for example "Fahrplan mod" from Schleswig-Holstein or "Nachtlinien mod" from Mr. C2)

✖ New lines don´t have ingame navigation (I recommend to use external programs or this map route)

Thank you for support!

  • 1.1

    Only for users with another modifications!

    - New hof file with modifications "Fahrplan mod", "Nachtlinien" and "SEV Chronos" mod. Now you don´t have to spawn new bus with other hof file(s).

  • Version 1.1

    Version 1.0 > 1.1:
    - Bug fixes
    - Small timetable changes