Solaris Urbino 18 BVG GN05 1.0

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Solaris Urbino 18 BVG Pack incl. 2005er U18 with MAN engine.

I am happy to have possibility to release my addons again. This time I would like to show Solaris Urbino 18 III in BVG GN05 version with horizontal MAN engine. This mod is done as minimalistic as I could. There may appear some small bugs, I've done this mod to myself some time ago. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy it! ^^

This mod doesn't require a standard SU BVG Pack or Morphi mod, everything is in one pack. ;) (This mean, there are also other busses in this pack to choose. All are from standard pack + Morphi mod)


  • Hey,

    I thought the GN05 had a newly MAN engine?

    Morphi made a Sound Mod but unfortunately the Link is invalid...

  • Can you mabye fix this?

    • I will take a look after it in upcoming days.

    • And the Sound needs a fix. Please