We disable negative reactions

Dear community,

we already asked you in a poll in October what you think about the negative smiley reactions. The result back then was in favor of keeping negative reactions. Now, however, we have to conclude that there are persistent complaints and negative reactions are increasingly contributing to dissatisfaction and a bad climate. We have been monitoring the issue for a few weeks now and unfortunately had to realize that in some cases personal feuds were also being played out through reactions.

We have therefore decided to deactivate the negative reactions. From now on it is no longer possible to react with confused.svgConfused and sad.svgSad. This step was not easy for us; however, even though it goes against the community decision, we believe that this will help improve the forum climate. As moderators we also have a responsibility for a good forum climate and make sure that the WebDisk is a good place for everyone. Therefore, we sometimes have to take sides with the minority.

All previous reactions will remain, so no one has to feat for their activity points. We will also implement your requested reaction(s), however for now it will remain one new reaction, the Party emoji.

With kind regards


on behalf of the WebDisk team