Updates until 7 March 2021


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    • [Poll] Celebration reaction added
    • [Proposition] Haha reaction replaced
    • As spring approaches, the snowfall has been switched off again
  • Team
    • On 02 March 2021, cooper left the team at his own request and will consequently no longer be available as an expert. We thank him for the good cooperation and wish him all the best as a modder and as a person! Thank you for your services so far!
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Fixed bugs and failures

  • On 04 Match 2021 there was a DDoS attack on the WebDisk. The technical team reacted quickly and within 2 hours the WebDisk was online again. Please refrain from blaming individuals or competitors, because only in very few cases are individual private persons behind such attacks. Even small, insignificant sites are attacked every day, that is quite normal in everyday Internet life.
  • WoltLab Suite 5.2.13 (Changelog)
  • Various technology updates

On our own business

[Info] On 18 February 2021, OMSI turned exactly 10 years old. We congratulate you and invite you to here the discussion.