Future changes and adjustments of the WebDisk

Server relocation

Aerosoft already offered their help on sunday to help us adapt to the high rush as quickly as possible. This mainly concerns the necessary server move to one with more performance and much better connectivity, which of course also causes higher costs. The day before yesterday, Aerosoft confirmed that they are very happy to continue supporting the WebDisk and will also pay for the higher server costs. Many thanks to Aerosoft for this, you are helping the OMSI community tremendously.

The server move is expected to take place over the weekend, which unfortunately will also involve a temporary shutdown of the WebDisk. Wörki and miwi will take care of the setup of the new server and also the move, so that it will have as few restrictions as possible for you.

The costs for the new server will be completely covered by Aerosoft. Any donations will continue to be used for future costs (domains, software upgrades, possible plugins). The administrators will not receive any money for their work and will continue to do so on a fully voluntary basis.

In addition, Aerosoft has offered to provide us with some great products from their extensive range, which will be raffled off in the WebDisk. What exactly will be included will be announced by Aerosoft or us, in due course. At the moment the server move has absolute priority.

New rank

Wörki had planned it for quite some time, but due to a lack of personnel he decided not to implement it. Staaken79 had asked in this regard whether some important data could be rescued from the MOF and a reintroduction of the "Omsi experts" would be possible. We administrators briefly discussed this and now we are putting the idea into practice.

The goal is to offer competent support and the best possible help for self-help. With this, mainly modders, map creators and bus builders should get a competent support, so that the start and implementation of your projects gets a solid foundation. This also applies to Repaints, so that the first Repaints correspond qualitatively to the own conceptions or helpful tips, in order to improve the own Repaints still further. However, the Omsi experts are not there to make personal bus adjustments or to create requests for modifications! To support the administrators' work on the forum, the OMSI experts are given their own rank with moderate rights within the help area. In addition, the experts should decide themselves who will rise to the rank of expert and support them in their work.

Changes to the thread conditions

Previously, external download links were prohibited in a thread because the WebDisk has its own download area to share these files with the public. In order to facilitate the move of the own thread(s) from the MOF, a change in the conditions would be necessary, which would have advantages for the providers of the files, but at the same time disadvantages for the users. Since the WebDisk is there for you, we administrators have decided to leave this decision to you. There will be a survey and the possibility to discuss your own thoughts and/or concerns within a certain time frame. This could be the basis for further changes in the WebDisk in the future. For this it is important that all opinions are accepted and that a debate is calm and decent.

Changes in the forum

So far the few areas have been sufficient. This is no longer the case. Therefore we will adapt the forum in the near future, as you would like to have it. But this will take some time, so please wait until everything is settled to your satisfaction. We would also like to rescue all important information about Omsi from the MOF, so that this data is not lost forever in case of a shutdown. A lot of knowledge has been entered there which could be useful for some of you.

In addition, there will be the possibility to change the appearance of the webDisk for you. Wörki has already created some styles and some of them are still being adapted.

For a joyful and informative togetherness,

The team of the WebDisk