Reboot 2018 of the OMSI-WebDisk

Hi everybody!

As you can see, we’ve been “rebooting” the OMSI-WebDisk recently. After three work-intensive days, the import of all the data from our old platform as well as several technical struggles lay behind me. All in all I am very satisfied that I finished pretty quickly. I admit that the design needs some rework here and there (e.g. the transparency) and some user rights need to be adapted.

This goes to all add-on creators ("modder"):

The links to your add-ons changed, but don’t worry: Your old links are automatically mapped to the new ones.

What has changed?

  1. [Everyone] More modern and dynamic system

    As soon as the cache is fully built, the overall performance of the WebDisk should increase significantly. The database load has decreased vastly which means that the chance of an overload of our server won’t happen so soon again. Until now, we had to restart our database server multiple times (!) a day to keep the system running.

  2. [Everyone] Better overview

    From now on, we ask ever uploader to state which commercial add-ons (DLCs) are necessary. This will increase the overall overview because a potential download can see at first glance what is needed.

  3. [Downloader] Subscriptions for entries

    You can find a symbol in every entry. If you click on that you automatically subscribe to that add-on and the sybol will change into . As soon as updated arrives on the WebDisk you are notified by the board using your browser or e-mail (see

  4. [Modder] Modifications and updates from multiple users

    Teams or groups can administrate one entry together. This requires the uploader to add team members into the “Additional Authors” field.

  5. [Everyone] Mobile friendly

    Yes, the OMSI-WebDisk is mobile friendly! You can use our service at home, in the train, tram, bus, etc.

  6. [Everyone] Like entries and versions

    Using the button (on the right bottom), you can e.g. mark which version of a modification you have installed on your pc.

  7. [Modder] New user group “OMSI-Modder”

    If you are part of this user group, we won’t do any pre-checks on your newly created uploads any more. That means it’s your responsibility to make sure your add-on is okay.