Information about changes in Team

Dear Community,

Last Tuesday, 29th September 2020, our co-project manager Tatra had to resign.

Unfortunately, over the last few months, the WebDisk has not worked as well as we had expected. Due to various private problems and changes, Animex and Wörki's time has been very limited in recent months, so Tatra has had to manage the WebDisk alone. This has resulted in an overload, which has led to a number of bad decisions, both internally and in terms of external communication, which is inexcusable. In the light of these elements, several unfortunate events have occurred. Many things could indeed have been done differently, which would most probably have prevented this situation.

We would therefore like to sincerely thank Tatra for its support of WebDisk over the last few years. Whether you spent several nights for an Advent calendar or took care of the general life of the forum! Your excellent work on the wiki should not go unnoticed, which will make people enthusiastic about OMSI in the coming years.

The question now is how to continue. We have decided to make a kind of fresh start and have made various changes in the team :

- CSP Animex becomes Co-Project Manager.

- The vacant position of mediator is filled by r2d2_2.

- Lµkas and Schleswig-Holstein complete the team as co-administrators.

With this team, we will now proceed and work step by step, which has been done in part over the last few months. We are going to draw up a uniform set of rules, which should simplify many things. Therefore, from now on, "Equal rights for all" will apply. We also want to involve the community through various surveys and respond to wishes and suggestions. We will also discuss criticisms and give all users the opportunity to talk to us openly.

We wish everyone a successful and positive new start.

With our best regards

The WebDisk team