Beta tests and internal projects

The WebDisk offers not only the public portals, but also the possibility to work on projects in a small circle. This possibility is ideal for working on a map in a team or organising a beta test. Basically it works as follows:

  • Each project gets its own internal area in the forum, where the project can be discussed and debated in detail.
  • Optionally, there is also the possibility to set up an internal area in the filebase, where project files can be uploaded without moderative checks and folder structure specifications. However, the file attachment function within the forum can also be used.
  • The group leader has moderation rights in the internal areas and can automatically add members to his group.

Access to the project areas is reserved for other users: Only the (co-)administrators and the respective project group have access to them.

If you are interested in doing your project work here on the WebDisk, please use the ticket system and let us know:

  • A short description of your project, if available also the link to an existing WIP project presentation. If there is nothing presentable yet, we expect at least a mature concept - because setting up a project forum involves some administrative effort. Of course your project must have something to do with OMSI. ;)
  • All usernames of users who should have access to the internal forum/download area. These must of course already be registered in the WebDisk. A project group must have at least one group leader and two other members.
  • Is a file base category desired in addition to the forum?
  • Are further subcategories required?

The person who has applied for the project forum becomes the group leader of the project group and can manage the members in the control center.

The WebDisk team is not liable if data gets to the public, e.g. through other group members. The group leader is solely responsible for the selection of members. If a member publishes internal information, we reserve the right to impose sanctions on the user in question.