We joined WSC-Connect

With WSC-Connect there is a free service available, which allows to combine all WoltLab® Suite based Internet pages in one Smartphone App. Prerequisite is that the operator connects his own offer via API to this service. About new messages (PN) and also notifications are immediately informed via push notification on the cell phone. You can react or reply to everything immediately from the app.

What do I need?

A smartphone and the corresponding app:

How do I set up the app?

  1. press the magnifying glass in the upper right corner,
  2. search for the OMSI WebDisk and press on it,
  3. enter your WebDisk login data.

If you have logged in to WebDisk via a third party (Facebook, Steam), you will need to use the "third party login".

Which devices are connected?

?thumbnail=smallIn your personal control center you will find the menu item WSC-Connect, here you can see all registered devices. In my case only my "ASUS ROG Phone II" is listed as device ASUS_I001DC, so everything is fine.

But with only one mouse click you can disconnect all registered devices immediately.

If you have activated the 2-factor authentication in your general settings and also the device verification, you will also see the WSC-Connect app listed in the device list.