Filebase: English descriptions

Dear Community,

I would like to inform you that we will from now on consistently adhere to all upload conditions in the filebase. Accordingly also the rule of the English descriptions. From now on an English description is mandatory in the following categories:

  • Vehicles
  • Mods for vehicles
  • Maps
  • Mods for maps
  • Objects & Splines
  • HOF files
  • Programs & Tools

The categories Repaints, Others and the swap meet are therefore excluded.

Files that have already been uploaded before the publication of this announcement do not need to be further edited or translated. A voluntary translation is of course desirable.

If you have problems with the English language, our translators are available via the ticket system, as well as online services like DeepL.

The background of this rule change is the Internationalisation (announcement of 6 June) on the platform.

In the following I would like to briefly list the current upload conditions in the filebase:

  1. Folder structure
    The uploaded file archive must have one of the following structures (ONLY "OMSI 2")
    1. OMSI 2\<subfolder>, e.g. OMSI 2\Vehicles\MyBus\... until the final file
    2. Vehicles\MyBus\..., as above, without the "OMSI 2" directory
    3. <Name>\OMSI 2\..., you can enter the name of your download. By opening this folder the OMSI 2 directory starts.
  2. English description
    An English discription is the minimum for the categories above, you can also add a description in your native language.
  3. Preview AND Screenshots in the description, not as attachment (if there is something to see).

With kind regards