The pre-Christmas raffles and the advent calendar are back!

Dear users,

With this announcement we would like to ring in the Christmas season in the WebDisk and hereby announce two Advent campaigns, which already existed in 2018 and will be made possible again this year thanks to the generous donations of AEROSOFT, HALYCON and our hard-working developers.

Advent calendar

Every day from December 1st to Christmas Eve, there is a door to open, behind which a download is hidden. Everything that makes OMSI hearts beat faster is included! Once again, numerous developers have participated, to whom we would like to express our gratitude. A very special thanks also goes to Schleswig-Holstein, without whom the campaign would not have been possible.

Please note:

  • Doors cannot be opened retroactively if a day is forgotten.
  • Doors that have already been opened can be viewed repeatedly at any time until 31 December 2020, after which access is no longer possible. So save the downloads into your computer!
  • The participating developers have not to make their material available separately in the filebase after the end of the Advent calendar. But some of them are already planning a release on December 25th - so don't be sad if you forget a little door ;)

The complete rules will be linked separately as soon as it is ready.

Advent Raffles

The Advent calendar is again this year accompanied by prizes that are randomly selected when doors are opened. AEROSOFT and HALYCON will provide keys, discount coupons and donations in kind. Further information will follow shortly. Potentially there is something every day - so stay alert and open a door every day!

The first raffle will take place on the 1st Advent; since this day is still in November, this will run separately. On this day you will find a box on the homepage.

The rules for the competitions will be linked separately as soon as the time comes and must be followed! Please also note that each person is allowed to participate only with a single WebDisk account. The administration will pay special attention to double accounts during this period and will sanction them.

We are looking forward to your active participation and wish you all a reflective Advent season, especially in these difficult times and of course happy holidays.

Unlike the former OMSI forum, the WebDisk will remain open after Christmas. In the new year, there will also be an update of the forum software with many new features and, as usual, further improvements in the community area. - So be curious what's still to come!

Best regards,


on behalf of the OMSI WebDisk team

PS: To make the mood visually visible, there is animated snow on the page. This can be deactivated in the personal control centre under Settings > General > Display.

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