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    Thank you again Bamp and schulzkr2604. Now I have missing 12 objects and 3 splines.

    Okay Bamp, thank you for the help, now I have 14 missing objects and 3 splines. Could someone to send me that?

    Bamp , your suggestion to download Alheim&Laurenzbach it helped, now I have missing 23 Objects:

    Please, I have another list with the same missing files:

    Most of the missing files you listed are included in another map - Spandau Real 136 236 X36.

    Would be good to download this map and all of it's additional needed links from the official forum. That should remove most of the errors:

    Berlin Spandau Real 136 236 X36 By BusDriver30 (Update Version vom 09.07.2019 ist Online) - Reale Karten - Marcels OMSI-Forum

    I downloaded the map, but some objects are missing again, because some links from Objects spoiler are broken.

    Okay, now I'm missing 39 objects and the same number of splines.

    I have a problem with map "Berlin-Buch". It means that, when I opened the map on the OMSI, instead of the streets and buildings I have only the blue sky. But when I scanned this map through the MapTools, I had missing 49 Objects and 3 Splines. Can you help me? Thank you.

    P.S. Here in attachment - the list of missing files.


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