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    Do u have this problem with all your maps or only with a specific map?

    I fixed the issue by replacing the ai bus list but now I noticed another issue... Sometimes the map start to not load anymore, I can see the refresh terrain text by using SHIFT+Y and some textures of the streets, house or objects are just white and the tiles stops loading so I cannot continue driving. I verified the map with maptools and it's not missing anything I fixed it by installing the missing two splines

    Hello everyone,

    I noticed by quite some time that the "Refresh terrain" part of the loading is taking more and more time to finish, and this is very frastuating because I get 5-10 seconds freezes during driving. I know that omsi isn't the most optimized game in the world and all of his limitations but is there any way to reduce those freezing times?

    Sys info:

    Windows 10 pro 20H2

    Ryzen 9 3900x

    Gskill drr4 3200mhz

    sapphire rx580 4gb

    Omsi is installed on a crucial nvme ssd, while steam is on a Sabrent rocket nvme ssd.

    (Please note that I still had the problem before installing those graphics mod) I installed dxvk, sweet fx and I enabled antialiasing on the radeon software. Omsi.exe and gameoverlayui.exe are set to windows 7 compatibility mode (as suggested on the dxvk guide).


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    Hello guys I'm currently trying to put a real Zf Ecolife script on the Iveco Evadys. I used a script found on another bus (because I won't publish it).

    So, after editing various scripts I got the bus started at idle rpm. The problem is that I cannot change gear and the throttle input is not working. What are the scripts that control the input? I started looking in engine.osc but the I didn't fix the issue.

    Thanks to everyone.

    Hello everyone!

    As you might know the Iveco Evadys (by Kescrole) have a really bad automatic gearbox and here's my question: is anyone able to make a new one of it?

    I'll attach the files in the 'antrieb' folder. I tried to replace it with a script of another bus but the vehicle didn't even start.



    German version: (Translator)

    Hallo, alle miteinander!

    Wie Sie vielleicht wissen, haben die Iveco Evadys (von Kescrole) ein wirklich schlechtes Automatikgetriebe und hier ist meine Frage: Kann jemand ein neues daraus machen?

    Ich werde die Dateien im Ordner 'antrieb' anhängen. Ich habe versucht, es durch ein Skript eines anderen Busses zu ersetzen, aber das Fahrzeug startete nicht einmal.

    Vielen Dank