Featured Krueger matrix mod "Krueger+" 0.6+2ε Krueger+ mod 0.6+2ε

License Agreement
Creative Commons ZERO Universal (CC0 1.0) + READ DESCRIPTION in "Copyright information"
Recommended version of OMSI
Current v2.3.x
Prerequisite commercial expansions

Beautification project for the NL 202/NG 272 Krueger matrix with various additional styling features.

Krüger+ matrix mod
release 0.6+2ε ‘Coloratura
inspired by Asian full-colour high-resolution displays
for MAN NL202(2)/283[Lion's City]/NG272/MB O 530/G

リリース 0.6+2ε ‘トゥー
MAN NL202(2)/283[Lion's City]/NG272/MB O 530/Gに対応


Hello fellow OMSIers! :)

First of all, thank you for your interest in this mod!

This Krüger+ mod is a (fictional) beautification project for the Krüger matrix that is on the default MAN NL 202 and NG 272 buses in OMSI 2, as well as a collection of additional styling features.

The mod creates separate buses, and so should not affect the original ones.

No other files are required for the mod itself, though you would of course need the aforementioned maps if you wish to try it on those maps ;)

Please see the readme and styling guide in the file list below for an overview of the mod.

— from a random unnamed OMSI bus driver

Special thanks

  • bluescreen for allowing me to use his map's logo
  • Italien83 for informing me on various problems with the mod


  • AI-only displays
  • Central European glyph support (Windows-1250 encoding) with this mod's original fonts (for maps such as Börzsöny and Projekt Szczecin)
  • Custom fonts (for both terminus and route number) and icons
    (Two sample custom Cyrillic fonts in Windows-1251 encoding are included)
  • Limited mixed-size terminus display (currently one large line followed by two small lines)
  • Line-specific inversion (can be specified for only one or both terminus lines)
  • Multi-page (scrolling) displays
  • Override of route numbers (for numbers that cannot easily be displayed via IBIS alone)
  • Partial compatibility with depot files designed for busfanat's full matrix
  • Text position adjustments (mostly vertical; some horizontal)
  • NEW for 0.6: Now in three-versions: flip-disc, monochrome LED and full-colour LED

Sample depot files

Sample depot files of the following maps are included:

Copyright information

  • The depot files are modified from the original ones supplied with the above maps, and are copyrighted by the above authors.
  • Modified files from the MB Citaro buses by alTerr, Wizard et al. and the MAN Lion's City 1DTF Edition 1.2.1 by Kamaz, Gozek, Morphi et al. are contained in this mod, and are copyrighted by the aforementioned authors.
  • The original Krüger matrix script, upon which this mod is based, is copyrighted by Marcel Kuhnt.
  • The modified content and other original files are released under CC0 1.0 Universal (public domain). This means, among other things, that you do NOT need to ask for permission or credit me for these files' modification, distribution (including uploading to other web sites), or incorporation into other works, both commercial and non-commercial. (While I neither mind nor care if you even sell something with this mod included, I would caution you that many people here feel strongly against doing this, and it is not my fault if everyone starts to hate you ;) )
  • Note that this mod being in the public domain does NOT allow or entitle you to claim ownership or copyright of this original, unmodified mod!! A reasonable amount of modification is required before you can claim ownership or copyright. See the list of derivative works below for valid examples.
  • See readme for details.

Related works

See also the following related works:

Works from the list above are by other authors, and are NOT public domain. You need to ask for permission from the respective authors if you wish to do anything public with these works!

Bus compatibility information

‘Can you make this matrix work on another bus?’

A note on creating fonts for this mod

Revision history

Mail removed. ~Bamp

Just for fun: a Kitty bus (not included)


  • your links don't work.

  • I'm looking for them to roll from left to right .... and here he says it but he does not do it ... can someone help me?

  • Ein Meilenstein in der OMSI-Geschichte

    Mit dem Krüger++ Matrix Mod hat ein ein wunderbares Konzept Einzug in OMSI gefunden, das die Matrix bis ins letzte Detail personalisieren kann. Alle erdenklichen Schrift-/Farbkombinationen sind möglich, Wechselziele zählen ebenso zu den Funktionen wie konfiguierbare Icons. Auch die Kompatiblität mit originalen HOF-Dateien durch die 20000er Nummern ist ne gute Sache.