VRR-Repaints (Citaro Facelift) 1.0.0

  • I keep getting an error message when trying to unzip the file, even after downloading it a second time.

    • I honestly do not understand the problem. When I tried to unzip the file on a trial basis, it worked fine. Which unzipping software do you use? Your operating system? Is your bus also sorted under Vehicles -> MB_O530_Facelift? Or maybe you use the "Fakelift" or the true facelift of another modder?

    • I download to my hard drive then use 10 Zip to uzip the file. I have Windows 10. The vehicle is sorted correctly and is not a fakelift. But that is irrelevant as the problem is with the file not unzipping. The file unzips into a folder from which I then copy the folder to OMSI2.

      The issue is not that but it not unzipping due to an error.

    • I have now managed to unzip it using 7zip

    • I also suspect that 10 Zip was the problem because I always use WinRar to unzip files.