MAN NG272 & NL202 - Stop request sound mod/ Haltewunsch-Ton

This mod adds a buzzer sound which is activated when the STOP button is pressed. Only for MAN NG272 & NL202!

Type of download: Bus modification

This mod adds a buzzer sound, which is activated when a passenger presses the STOP button. This modification is only for the MAN NL202 and NG272 made by M&R.

Copy the "vehicles" folder from the archive into your OMSI Install directory and overwrite everything. Remember to make a backup first in case you would like to remove the mod later.

To make this mod compatible with Morphi's sound pack you need to follow the manual installation instructions located in the readme file.
Please do not re-upload this mod on any other website or forum!

Support thread: Click here

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