Liepaja 2020 Patch V4

License Agreement
Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License (WTFPL)
Supported version of OMSI
OMSI v2.x
Recommended version of OMSI
Current v2.3.x
Prerequisite commercial expansions
Berlin X10 (Info)
Metropolis Ruhr (Info)

Realistic city of Latvia.

Map for Omsi2 - Liepaja 2020

Map has been created based on real location.

About 70% correspond to reality.

The city is located in the South-west of Latvia near the Baltic Sea.

In this country, this city is smaller than Riga and Daugavpils alone.

Of all public vehicles available here: Bus, Minibus and Tram.

All previously named vehicles are available in this project.

You must have a minimum version of 2.2.032 Omsi2 instaled before setting up this map.

In folder OMSI 2/maps/Liepaja 2020/Dokumenti, you'll find everything you need to be able to ride your chosen bus on this map.

Let the map work, you need the this addons and maps: Berlin X10, Metropolis Ruhr, Fikcyjny Szczecin, Fiktiv_Szczecin_V2.1.

This map the following buses are used:

Mercedes Benz O530 Facelift

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 12D

Solaris Urbino 12 III

Solaris Urbino 18 III

VanHool A320

+ archive can also be found Mercedes Benz O405GN2

Buses must use such hof file: Liepaja 2020

This map the following trams are used:

AEG oldtimer

Tatra KT4Dtm

Trams must use such hof file: Liepaja 2020 Tram

In this map works 42 bus lines and one tram line.

All this lines can be used by player.

Available routes in this map:

Bus routes:

* 1: Pulkveza Brieza iela <=> Lauku iela(DARBA DIENAS)

* 1A: Pulkveza Brieza iela <=> M. Kempes iela(DARBA DIENAS)

* 1s: Slimnica <=> 15.vidusskola(DARBA DIENAS)

* 1T: M. Kempes iela <=> Brivibas iela(KATRU DIENU)

* 2: M. Kempes iela <=> Lidosta(KATRU DIENU)

* 2s: M. Kempes iela <=> 15.vidusskola(DARBA DIENAS)

* 3: Pulkveza Brieza iela <=> M. Kempes iela(KATRU DIENU)

* 4: Atmodas Bulvaris <=> M. Kempes iela(DARBA DIENAS)

* 4s: Slimnica <=> Liva(DARBA DIENAS)

* 5: Vanes iela <=> Petertirgus(KATRU DIENU)

* 6: M. Kempes iela <=> Slimnica(KATRU DIENU)

* 6A: M. Kempes iela <=> Biznesa centrs(KATRU DIENU)

* 7: Atmodas Bulvaris <=> Siena tirgus(KATRU DIENU)

* 8: Liva <=> Skede(KATRU DIENU)

* 9: M. Kempes iela <=> Slimnica(KATRU DIENU)

* 9A: M. Kempes iela <=> Biznesa centrs(DARBA DIENAS)

* 10: Oskara Kalpaka tilts <=> M. Kempes iela(KATRU DIENU)

* 10A: Oskara Kalpaka tilts <=> Dienvidu kapi(KATRU DIENU)

* 11: Oskara Kalpaka tilts <=> Klaipedas iela(DARBA DIENAS)

* 11A: Oskara Kalpaka tilts <=> Dienvidu kapi(KATRU DIENU)

* 12: Pulkveza Brieza iela <=> Slimnica(DARBA DIENAS)

* 12A: Pulkveza Brieza iela <=> Pilsetas robeza(DARBA DIENAS)

* 12B: Pulkveza Brieza iela <=> Biznesa centrs(DARBA DIENAS)

* 13: M. Kempes iela <=> Skede(KATRU DIENU)

* 13A: M. Kempes iela <=> Skede(KATRU DIENU)

* 14: Ziemelu mols <=> Ronu iela(KATRU DIENU)

* 15: Ziemelu mols <=> Ilgi(BRIVDIENAS)

* 16: Grizupes iela <=> Peldu iela(KATRU DIENU)

* 17: Grobina <=> Ilgi <=> AS Grobina(KATRU DIENU)

* 22: Atmodas Bulvaris <=> Petertirgus(KATRU DIENU)

* 22s: Atmodas Bulvaris <=> 15.vidusskola(DARBA DIENAS)

* 23: Oskara Kalpaka tilts <=> Petertirgus(KATRU DIENU)

* 25: Atmodas Bulvaris <=> Klaipedas iela(DARBA DIENAS)

* 100: M. Kempes iela <=> Lidosta(Pr.O.C.Pk.Se.)

* 909: Autoosta <=> Lidosta <=> Grobina(KATRU DIENU)

* 909M: M. Kempes iela <=> Autoosta <=> Lidosta <=> Grobina(KATRU DIENU)

* 6904: Liepaja <=> Dubeni(KATRU DIENU)

* 6912: Liepaja <=> Grobina <=> Ilgi(KATRU DIENU)

* S1: Autobusu parks <=> Slimnica(TEHNISKAIS)(KATRU DIENU)

* S2: Autobusu parks <=> M. Kempes iela(TEHNISKAIS)(KATRU DIENU)

* S3: Autobusu parks <=> M. Kempes iela(TEHNISKAIS)(KATRU DIENU)

* S4: Autobusu parks <=> Grobina(TEHNISKAIS)(KATRU DIENU)

Tram route:

* 1: Brivibas iela <=> M. Kempes iela(KATRU DIENU)

Katru dienu – Every day

Darba dienas – Working days

Brivdienas – Holidays

Tehniskais – Tehnical route

Map is works all windows locations.

Map not for weak computers.

This map you can download in different links so everyone can easily get it for themselves.

Ask all the questions in your comments.


Project authors:

Raimonds Kristovskis(Spanky) – First map parts.

Rolands Veress(RV Gaming) - All subsequent work carried out from 2018.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the development of the project:

Николай Прыгунов(mr.GOP)

Алексей Лукин(Ghost)

Андрей Герега(AndreyG72)

Павел Макеев(Pablo_Esperanza)

Александр Донец(Donecal)

Павел Глушков(ParavozZ)

Олег Давыдов(Олег 43 rus)

Артём Лактионов(Bombila31RUS)

Сергей Пишулин(Zingerplay)

  • Hello,

    The patch is one side, but where is the main map with the content?

    • I noticed that something had been deleted. I would try to correct it in the near future.

  • Hi

    Maybe you can help me? I have problems with objects in the bus park area the road just disappears. And it's just in that area

    This is link to my Logfile. logfile.txt — Yandex.Disk

  • I also have same issue. I'm missing: Spines/Grundorf/Asfalt_20m.sli

    I have downloaded the main version with all the maps and additional objects on the main file linked plus the patch and your latest update.

    Previous links for the Spine I'm missing no longer work too.

    • You are a life saver thank you. Quick bug I have experience with the tram, when I stop at the tram stops some passengers board the tram but then the rest of them get stuck in the doors and won't get on, any ideas?

    • If you want to drive a tram, then ticket sales have been excluded before.

    • So I have disabled ticket selling in the OMSI settings, the passengers still get stuck in the doors and stop other passengers getting on. Have I done something wrong? I'm using the new tram hof file and have the latest updates.

    • Yes, I checked and that's the problem. I'll try to deal with it with my friends. But it's not going to be quick.

    • Thanks RV! I understand it might take time to fix but thank you for checking it out and confirming the issue

  • 2 bugs I've found (installed map and scenery from mega link, then added parking patch and then added your latest patch):

    ai_list has bug in NormalCars and Trucks section, it uses path

    but all the vehicles in those sections actually are in path:

    And then there is the missing
    All required maps are installed. Links below where you share it no long work

    • hello. here this spline


      you fixed bug for ailist?

    • Ok. Thanks for documents. All works good.

      And this time map working?

    • Yes, it is now playable.

    • Good. From time to time, the map will continue to update.

      I followed the changes independently. Even though you can feel all the changes in the game.

      Good luck on trips.

  • Where can i get the:


    installed everything right but missing this

  • Da dein Link im Pedepe-Forum gelöscht wurde, versuche ich es auf diesen Weg.

    Ich suche folgenden Spline:


  • Hello, RV Gaming,

    according to my review, some content is missing that you didn't pack. I myself also have Liepaja 2020 in the previous version. Unfortunately this scenery objects are missing:

    and this spline:

    Can you hand in the missing content? Or provide a download link?

    Would be nice!


    • Hello, RV Gaming,

      thanks for your quick support.

      Now everything works. I took the line 14. Thanks for the map!

      Thanks 1
    • Very good.

      Have a good time!

  • Hello I missing all objkets can you help me?

    • I can't help if I don't see logfile.txt

      Please load the map and then send the card file

  • Hello I do everything correct like other maps which working good...I Have those two Polish maps and recommended addons, but when I start the this Map, some parts of map is white or If I try to load whole map ir loaded full of white.

    What's the problem can be?

    • I can't help if I don't see logfile.txt

      Please load the map and then send the card file

    • same nothing change... the map is loaded for playing but some parts of map is white...

      And that file which you gave me its was before ir your files.

  • Hi thanks for the map. I got the following error please help

    zugriffsverletzung bei adresse 00624bac in modul omsi.exe

    • I can't help if I don't see logfile.txt

    • Mir fehlen auch genau diese Objekte und das Spline.

      Wo kann man diese herbekommen?

    • Danke.

      Trotzdem fehlt leider noch das: Splines\Grundorf\Asfalt_20m.sli

      Ich habe bei meinen Splines KEINEN Ordner mit Grundorf....

  • Finger Weg! Die Karte überschreibt originale Fonts und Humans-Texturen.

    • Das ist kompletter Quatsch, was du da schreibst. Es sind keinerlei Dateien dabei, die überschrieben werden können.

      Like 1
    • Ich habe die Karte selbst installiert gehabt und kann deshalb ja wohl daraus etwas draus schließen oder nicht?

  • Klasse Map auf der viele schön Stunden für Omsi wieder gesichert sind.

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