X10 Berlin liniepack 2020 (Fiktive) 5.0.2

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Berlin X10 (Info)

This is a fictitious line package for addon X10 Berlin. It is made as a chrono event starting at the beginning of year 2020.

This is a (semi) fictitious line package for the addon X10 Berlin.

It is made as a chrono event starting at the beginning of year 2020.

Changes in service as of 01/01/2020.

New lines

M10 > S+U Zoologischer Garten - S Halensee - (S Hohenzollerndamm) - Roseneck

M15 > U Fehrbelliner Platz - Zehlendorf - Teltow Hamburger Platz

150 > Ringline Roseneck - U Adenauerplatz - U Fehrbelliner Platz - S Hohenzollerndamm - Roseneck

160 > U Fehrbelliner Platz - S Zehlendorf - Teltow Bahnhof

162 > Waldschaenke - Buergertreff - Rathaus Zehlendorf

205 > Herbertstr. - Am Waldfriedhof - Spanische Allee

210 > Hochmeisterplatz - S Halensee - Rathaus Zehlendorf

215 > U Fehrbelliner Platz - S Halensee - Roseneck

605 > Rammrath-Bruecke - Ruhlsdorf - S Teltow Stadt

630 > Ruhlsdorf - S Teltow Stadt - Waldschaenke

N15 > Roseneck - Zehlendorf - Neuruppiner Str. - Rammrath-Bruecke

N42 > Sigridshorst - Teltow Bahnhof - S Teltow Stadt - Ruhlsdorf - Waldschaenke

N60 > Teltow Bahnhof - S Zehlendorf - U Fehrbelliner Platz - S+U Zoologischer Garten

N62 > Waldschänke - Wupperstr. - Zehlendorf

U40 > S+U Zoologischer Garten (- U Adenauerplatz) - U Wittenbergplatz - S+U Zoologischer Garten

X19 > U Wittenbergplatz - S Halensee - Andreezeile

All the lines support dynamic helper arrows.

The normal HOF-file (not the one for new ALMEX) supports Krueger's mod for enhanced experience on longer lines.

Disabled lines




Modified lines

626 > Waldschaenke - Ruhlsdorf - S Teltow Stadt - Bürgertreff

Modified to real lines

625 > Ringlinie S Teltow Stadt - Postviertel - S Teltow Stadt (- Buergertreff)

Timetable changes


Any missed bugs and feedback is greatly appreciated!

I will read every single comment so feel free to post them and share your thoughts!

Also please let me now if you find the included README helpful or how I could make it better.

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Want to improve your AI-List and your own experience?

Mercedes Benz O530 Facelift by Helvete

Improvement mod for the buses above

If this fictional mod is not your thing, how about the real timetables mod instead?

  • Can you make a Version for Berlin BRT?

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    • Hi, I will be making one when I have the time for it. It won’t be exactly like this one, but probably something similar.

      Any particular wishes or suggestions?

  • Hi,

    Ich habe ein Problem mit der Linien U40 egal welche Ferien ich auswähle die Linie hat keine Fahrpläne.

  • Hi, can you make please a version for bbs - bus company simulator for omsi..multiplayer. We can (the bbs admins) not use this mod..because..your mod disable the original lines..or times. when the admins add this mod in bbs muliplayer..another players without this mod can not play the X10 addon, this is not allowed in multiplayer. Only when the mod dont touch the original lines or tieles ..times.. than the admins add this mod. Like same Hafencity 2018 linemod pack. Or Alheim Laurenzbach Updated Line mod from tfc. emily pentis.. ceddiearts. This mods are allowed. But your mod vor x10 not ..for multiplayer. To many people play it with bbs in multiplayer game. Can you make it? ..When not ..no problem.. it is only a question. :)

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    • Sure I can make one. Are the disabled lines the only problem?

      If so, I can upload an alternative chrono file for bbs.

      I haven't used bbs so I don't know how it works exactly. :)

    • Hi , i dont no.. if the disabled lines the only reason .. i dont no if you change more things in X10. :)

      What i now is... You can not change anythink or overwrite original tiles or times from original lines X10 addon. It will be only work.. when this mod is sepretly.. to the original lines. So.. if this mod adden in bbs multiplayer (mybe lines M15, 618,258,..) and the player in bbs can.. chosse ALL LINES ..from orig. an from this mod.. if 1 ore more player dont have this mod..or not now... he can play or chosse the original lines and play it normal. This version will not be added from bbs admins.. if they add this version .. ALL player that will be playing the X10 addon in multiplayer.. they MUST have (ALL player) this mod.. if they habe not this.. mod ..we musst read.. example Linie 115..is not installed. Because..somethink is from orig. change. Example Hafencity 2018 linemod.. it works and added from the admins...because the orig. lines 6. 111, is not change only he added new lines per chronoevent (36,37,119,288,...) i hope you anderstand it. :)

    • I cannot get a BBS version out this week. I took another look on the HafenCity 2018 mod and it does disable original lines. I guess the problem is in fact the Busstops.cfg and StationLinks.cfg files. I will eventually create all lines with Track+Trip method, but it is going to take a while. :)

    • Okay..no problem.. we can wai a while..and thank you :)

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  • Wie kann man die dekativirten Linie wider Aktiv machen der BBS bezichts da rauf bitte um antwort

    • Hi,

      you need to open OMSI in editor mode and edit the chrono event.

      sorry, I need to correct myself! Disabled lines are listed on Chrono.cfg file. You do not need to open the editor. Just remove wanted lines from the list in that file. Remember to change string count, too.

  • Hi,

    what´s the reason to make it from year 2025 and not from 2020? OMSI can handle multiple activated chronos and I don't see any reason why you made it from 2025 when there are chronos which change only traffic density and nothing with lines.

    Most players plays with actual date and year and you are going against yourself with these settings.

    Anyway, you forgot to upload actual version of Busstops.cfg in the newest version, again. So everyone who download it see only sky right now.

    Best regards,


    • Hi,

      thanks for your comment!

      Hmm, I thought it couldn't. If so, I change it back to 2020 in the next version.

      The Busstops.cfg is empty because I only use those stops that already exists in the game. The error you get seems to haunt me for some reason. There is every needed StationLink present in the file, and editor throws no error, but it still says there would not be such connection. Any ideas how to get it fixed?

    • Hm, interesting problem.

      I would like to help you, but since I don't using this method due to multiple problems (OMSI don't finish timetable at the end station sometimes, first station isn't skipped, so you have to choose 2nd busstop when you choosing timetable, etc.), I don't know what can it cause.

      I think that you created some StnLink (or busstop) when you wasn't in the chrono editor, so these changes were written in the TTData of the map and not of the chrono TTData. (it's only my assumption)

      That's why I rather use basic Trip+Track from OMSI 1. With this method you don't need any busstops.cfg or StnLinks.cfg file. It's takes more time, but it's more "friendly" for creator & even for players.

      Good luck with solving it.



      EDIT: It's really important to have chrono editor turned on, when you adding busstops or creating new station links, otherwise, these changes will be written into basic files and if we don't have it, modification don't working for us.

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    • It truly is! And it is once again the trip from Betriebshof Cicerostr to Hertzallee that causes the problem according to your log file.

      This is funny because I copied B_Cic_Her which X10 uses and changed the last station to something else. That connection between those last two stops is on that StationLink list, I manually checked it when you posted the comment. This shall be interesting to debug this! :D

      I also prefer the track + trip method, it gives you more freedom, but I thought that since I am not editing map tiles (due to copyrights) I might just as well make those needed station links and go with those.

    • Hotfix file is now available. It needs version 2.2.0 to be installed before installing it. It forces a list of stops on the map.

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    • Everything works correctly now! Thanks for great update.

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  • when I enter the year 2025 at Omsi the map is no longer there but when I enter 2020 to 2024 the map is still there where is the error or why does it happen

    • Let's see, what does your log file say? What version is your Berlin X10 and what version of this mod did you install? :)
      The mod should not cause that sort of problem since it does not modify map tiles.

    • X10 version 1.3 Mod version 2.0.0

    • Okay, there seems to be a station link missing in the file. But that only causes M10 to be unavailable. I had that error before publishing and I thought it was fixed, but I'll double check and get back to you in a minute. :)

      And when you start the map for the first time at year 2025, do not choose to load from the latest situation. Start a complete new one.

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    • Hi,

      I uploaded a new version that contains a small fix on station links. But I couldn't replicate the other one of them. If this mod doesn't work now, please check the integrity of your game files. Steam has an option for that. I tested the files myself before uploading and I can indeed drive M10.

  • Hallo ich habe seit dem ich das Linienpack installiert habe folgendes Problem laut Logfile:

    Error: The file "Sceneryobjects\X10 Kreuzungen\texture\str_asphdrk_mark1.bmp.cfg" could not be loaded!

    Dies tritt auf, sobald ich ab dem Jahr 2025 spiele - davor funktioniert es einwandfrei.

    Was kann ich tun, damit ich ab 2025 vernünftig das Linienpack nutzen kann?

  • Mich würde intressieren wo das Passwort dafür ist

    • Password for what?

    • Passwort für X10-Update-V1-3.dat

    • Steam updates your add-on automatically. Otherwise go to Halycon website and download the update file.

  • kommen noch Weitere Linie uptdats von X10 Raus

    • I am expanding this mod later on, there will be a few more lines created by me. I know there is an update planned for X10 Berlin, but I think it does not include any changes to routes.

    • ok danke

    • seit dem ich diese sachen eingefügt und seit dem Fungtioniert die karte nicht mehr

    • What does it say in you log file?

    • X10 addon has an update today v1.3 ..is it work with this update?

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