BVG repaints for Hamburger Stadtbus 2017 (DLC) 4.0.0

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Hamburg Buses (Info)

BVG repaints for Mercedes Benz C2 (Hamburger Buspaket). The repaint variants are included for all three models.

This package includes for all models

  • All-yellow exterior repaint
  • Two different interior textures
  • New Almex start screen

Display mod is not part of this repaint mod. If you want those Krueger displays, go here.

  • 4.0.0

    :!:This is a complete version, you do not need any previous versions for this to work. Please remove old versions before installing this one.

    Changes to previous version

    • Completely redone repaint
    • New shade of yellow
    • BVG stop buttons
    • Panelling, MB logos etc. fixed for all models
    • The new BVG interior textures
    • New Almex start screen and route number paper
  • 3.0.2

    Wrapper folder removed.