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Horizon16 is a typical French map located in Châteauroux in center of France ! You can drive on 10 different bus lines : regular, school and night services. The majority of the lines are in the city but there are 2 intercity bus lines too.

Welcome to the HorizonBus bus company ! Discover the agglomeration of Châteauroux Métropole composed of 100 000 inhabitants by driving on the various virtualized lines in the game.

With the real lines 1, 2 and 8 leave the city center or the fields edges then cross the various districts of the city.If you are not afraid by heavy traffic, take the A20 highway on the CSL line and go head straight to MACH36 !

You prefer to drive schoolbuses ? Take it on the school bus lines 8a, 8b, 9 and S4. Finally, there are two special bus lines : the line B (only the sunday) and the line F3 (only bewteen 7pm and 11pm).
The durations of the line 1, 2 and 8 are scheduled to 30 minutes. The other lines have a duration of 15-25 minutes.

The final version of the map Horizon16 is available since the 1 january 2020 !

Official page : [Réalisation] [Map] [DISPO] Réseau Horizon Bus : vtrans forum

If you have any problem with the map, please go here : Horizon16 Final - BUG Zone : vtrans forum


Thanks to Killian Sabbagh for his repaint Rémi on the Iveco Evadys included in the Horizon16 pack.

Thanks to Jihem for his repaint HorizonBus2016 for the Mercedes-Benz Citaro Facelift K.

Thanks to Citelis_Rondeau for his modding of the Renault AgoraS.

Have a nice day on Horizon16 ! ;)

  • Bonjour j'ai besoin de ceci svp/Hello I need this please :



  • The Heuliez Bus GX137 is not included in the download and the links to download it are no longer avalible, however I did find this link and did not find any traces of viruses in it so here it is: https://e-nautia.com/share/95921-0osfb5vb

    The bus is included in an OMSI 2 paid DLC which is why the download links no longer work

    • If you're thinking about the Access Bus GX 327 addon; it's not part of this DLC since it's a vehicle from the Heuliez x37 generation while the DLC is focused about the Heuliez x27 generation

    • okay thanks for the info, I don't have any DLCs installed newer than the last update of Berlin X10 and Express 91.06

  • This map isn't completely self contained, I experienced this after I had to completely delete and re-install my Omsi 2.

    If you are reading this and experiencing the same as me, missing tiles, this is due to the map pointing to a spline in the "Marcel" folder in the splines directory, I found this spline in the "Tettau" map, and apparently it's also to be found in the Autobahn map, works great after I found the missing spline, really nice looking map that performs well :)

  • nice work !

  • Very nice!