Helsingin Seudun Liikenne (HSL) repaint package A42 repaints v1.0

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Repaint package contains Helsingin Seudun Liikenne (HSL) liveries for Sobol's mod.

This package contains HSL repaints for Sobol's mod. There is two variants available: a repaint for regular lines and another one for metrobus lines.

About the design choices, there has been no MAN buses with HSL livery, so this repaint is a very educated guess and follow the guidelines set by HSL.

If you are playing on an average or a weak PC, I suggest you to resize the repaints to half their size.

This package is not yet complete, more repaints will be added to it. Stay tuned!

Repaints currently available in this mod:

  • A21
  • A23
  • A23GUE
  • A37
  • A39
  • A40
  • A42

:!:I'd appreciate if you report back to me if there is something to be fixed :!:

  • A42 repaints v1.0

    Repaints for models A42 all variants.

  • A40 repaints v1.0

    Repaints for models A40 all variants.

  • A39 repaints v1.0

    Repaints for models A39 all variants.

  • A23 repaints v1.0

    Repaints for models A23 and A23GUE all variants.

  • Solo repaints v2.0

    Repaints for models A21 and A37 all variants.

    Changes to previous version:

    • Fitted to changes to setvars and textures
    • Corrected colours
    • CNG tanks now reflect the base colour
    • New seat textures
    • Floor and wall textures added to repaints
    • Added rest of A37 repaints
  • 4.1.0

    Changes to previous version:

    - Seating texture changed to darker, more detailed variant.