Featured K++ for eCitaro 2019 2.0.0

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A simple K++ mod for the eCitaro Addon

A simple K++ mod for the eCitaro Addon

Pictured above, a screenshot from the future Grand Paris Moulon Addon

  • Bonjour pour moi la girouette ne marche pas sur la express 91.06 quand je veux faire une ligne la girouette ne s'affiche pas et donc les passager ne monte pas.

    Avez vous une solution

    • Bonjour, désolé pour le retard, mais pour répondre a votre question, tout ce que je peux suggérée c'est de réinstaller le mod K++ (et ou le bus complet)

  • Can somebody please send me the files? I tried 2 times and it won't work? It would be great!

    Thank you!

    • Sorry but nobody will send you're the finished files. There are copyright protected.

  • Hi, after I downloaded your Mod the Front Wheels of the bus were no longer turning left and right. Instead of this they turn up and down.

    • Hi, have you got any other mods installed that change the wheels or other aspects of the eCitaro?

    • No, I don't. I found the issue myself. In the two model.cfg file you search this part:

      (Space between 1 and [newanim])

    • Hi,

      Thanks for pointing this out.

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  • Hello, this is my first mod on Omsi 2 that I install, the problem is that the Krugger shows me a little bug


    If you know how to fix the bug, I would be happy.

    • Hi, it looks like you are using the wrong const file / have changed the const file try to reinstall the mod.

      Kind regards,

      Adam Mathieson

  • Do you made the K++ for the 2door Version

    • Hi, I am not aware of an existing 2 door mod for the eCitaro 2019, if there is one, could you send me a link to it and I can add K++ to that mod too.

      Kind regards,

      Adam Mathieson

    • its an official update via steam

    • but the 2door bus has a small rear matrix

    • ah ok, I havent updated yet, I will do, and once I get the update I will update this mod, thanks for the info sorry for the conffusion.

      Kind regards,

      Adam Mathieson

    • no problem

  • Super Nice

  • Thanks for the great mod. However, I noticed a lot of mistakes that I had to fix myself. It would be nice if you cleaned up.

    1. You have left the standard matrix active in Model.cfg, this leads to problems with multicolor bitmaps.

    2. In the .Bus file you have entered both the Krüger script .osc file and the standard matrix script .osc file. Only the Krüger script may be active.

    3. OMSI can work with .x files, but it would make more sense to convert the matrix files into an .o3d file. This is easier for OMSI.

    If you could remove them in an update, it would be more optimal.

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    • Hi, I have just checked the .bus and model files that I provided and they do not have the original matrix osc just it's variables, and the model cfg does not appear to have the old matrices, only their texttextures (these where left in so I didn't need to modify all the text textures after them), for the .X files I can go and convert them if I have time, but given OMSI natively supports them, there is little need.

      Kind regards,

      Adam Mathieson

  • how to make a line with color (like on screenshot)?

    • Hi,

      Creating colorful lines like on the screenshot is not dependant on the mod, that depends on the HOF (depot) file that you use in game, if you want to create your own, you can use the site I have created that is currently in early beta SIMPLE OMSI K++ MAKER if you do use it and need help with it, feel free to join the discord for the site: http://kpp.genav.ch/discord

      Kind Regards,
      Adam Mathieson


      Das Erstellen von farbigen Linien wie auf dem Screenshot hängt nicht vom Mod ab, sondern von der HOF-Datei (Depot), die Sie im Spiel verwenden. Wenn Sie Ihre eigenen erstellen möchten, können Sie die von mir erstellte Site verwenden, die sich derzeit in einem frühen Stadium befindet Beta SIMPLE OMSI K++ MAKER Wenn Sie es verwenden und Hilfe benötigen, können Sie sich der Zwietracht für die Website anschließen: http://kpp.genav.ch/discord

      Wenn Sie

      Freundliche Grüße,

      Adam Mathieson

  • Is there also a monochrome version?

    • At the moment, no it is only polychrome, I will release an update for monochrome soon.

  • Is this a Polychrome Matrix?