ABB charging totem, pantograph down 1.0.0

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Easiest way to recharge electric buses, without mooving parts on the bus.

Totem de recharge ABB, pantographe descendant

Ce fichier inclus le totem, ainsi que les modules électriques nécessaires a son fonctionnement (irl).

Il se place comme une barrière automatique, et fonctionne sur le même principe. Il permet de recharger le bluebus en quelques minutes (via le bouton station essence)

ABB totem, pantograph down, for electric buses

ABB offers an ideal pantograph charging solution to charge electric buses fully automated following the OppCharge protocol. With typical charge times of 3 to 6 minutes the pantograph system can easily be integrated in existing operations, ensuring zero-emission public transit during the day without impacting on the normal operation of the route.

Main benefits:

  • Fast charging with a wide range of power levels to meet the charging needs that best fit your operating schedule.
  • Enabling high uptime, thanks to robust design, remote diagnostics and management tools.
  • Charge buses from different brands with the same charger, following the international standards and comprehensive interrop testing.

Main features:

  • Voltage range from 150-850 V
  • Power range of 150-300-450-600 kW
  • Safe and reliable fully automated connection

abb website


  • Place the object beside the road (not spline road, invis splines)
  • Connect invis splines to the object (see paths in tracks and roads pannel of editor)
  • parent the object on its own unique id
  • Place between 1 and 4 electric modules arround the totem (not necessary, but for rp)


In game, the arm will moove down when the bus go below. You can click on the petrol station icon to charge the bus.


The totem not bring back to his initial position if the bus is below

Sound is played even when the arm is fully down


Adam M : script update : electric sound
Aryqs Ipsum (for : model, textures


  • Hallo, hat schon jemand rausgefunden wie genau das funktionieren soll? ;) Weil was in der Readme steht finde ich verwirrend. Oder ich bin blind xD

    LG Thomas

    • Have you try to place it ingame ? If you have any problems, let me know here so we can look at this together.

    • I placed it in the editor and in-game drove a bus under it. Nothing happened.

    • Have you connect both sides of the totem path with invis street ?

    • How do I connect the two with the spline exactly?

    • Place invis street before and after the totem (≈10m margin) and connnect all with the complete to option.

  • T'y es un boss