Featured Solbus SolCity - OpenBeta 1.02b (Patch 29.07.2020) 1.02b

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Solbus SolCity beta release with 5 busses in 10, 12 and 18 meter variants. (Polish versions!)

Pack of polish bus Solbus SolCity SM10/SM12/SM18 in 5 variants.

I'm releasing beta just beceuse someone leaked it. Feel happy now.

SM10 2D / SM10 3D - MIDI 10.5m
SM12 3D - MAXI 12m, also available with LNG version
SM18 4D - MEGA 18m articulated bus

This is early beta, so except some bugs, at least all should be perfectly playable.

Quiccc quide for what is what:

SM10 2D:

SM10 3D:

SM12 3D:

SM18 4D:

  • 1.02b

    Patch, 1.01b is needed to be installed first.

    - Physics changed, updated and fixed on all busses.

  • 1.01b

    - Fixed articulation animation on SM18

    - Better physics, better dynamics

    - other small bugfixes
    - different engine sounds

  • hallo wie kann ich denn im Ibis gerät die Linie eingeben für die aussen beschilderung es gehen nur 2 Knöpfe?

  • Wunderschöne Busse.

  • Hello, in the SM10-2d there is a virtual pair of third doors, passengers open them through the CG function, they also open after using the shortcut <KY_door_all>.
    Vehicles may not be driven by AI either

  • Hello, nice bus.

    but, how can start the ibis system ? ^^ where is the numer for encoding the linie, and route ? ^^

    • by pressing upper right button on ibis numpad

    • choose 4 then 1 to code the line and route

  • Capacities of the buses are kinda broken.
    10m: 44 passengers
    12m: 45 passengers

    18m: 31 passengers

  • I did a quick route with the SM10, really nice bus, drives very smoothly with a nice sound :)

    Just a quick question: is the divisor in the front door removable via setvar? Because the front door switch opens both parts of the door, and passengers can sometimes enter the bus through the left half of the door (if you see it from the cockpit), which is supposed to be the driver's entrance. It is a very minor annoyance (and easily fixable by removing the passenger entry), but if there is a setvar to remove it, it would be nice to know.

  • @Sobol Die Pedale haben keine Textur und sind weiss. Könntest du das patchen?

    • jop, I will patch many bugs in upcoming week.

      update is out.

      Like 1
  • Danke! Ich sehs zum 1. Mal aber es sieht verdammt gut und vielversprechend aus! Mach weiter so.