Featured K++ Mod for the BRT Citaro 1.3

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Creative Commons <by>
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Current v2.3.x
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Berlin BRT - Bus Rapid Transit (Info)

Krueger++ for the BRT Citaro

K++pc mod for the BRT Citaro, with added support for Morphi's MOD.

Feel free to use this mod on other creations ;)

(Are you wondering what this map might be? It's happening here 8): AddOn SAINT-SERVAN)

  • 1.3

    - This file contains both 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 versions and is compatible with Berlin BRT v1.03.

    1.3 changelog:

    - Added a missing file

    1.2 changelog:

    - Added support for version 1.3 of the Berlin BRT AddOn

    - Fixed a gearbox bug that occurred during the transition to version 1.3 of the AddOn , in the Morphi MOD


    Please re-download this file if you encounter an error of type "'ï "¿'######################' ist kein gültiger Gleitkommawert: AMUAV.CNAVO.MV.E".

    Please re-download this file if the bus is not showing, or if you were looking for version 1.1.

    Please re-download this file if the file C2_2T_Bus_K++.osc was missing.


    o u t d a t e d

  • Guten Abend,
    Wenn ich ein Ziel schildere, kommt das Ziel, allerdings ohne Liniennummer!
    Was habe ich falsch gemacht?

  • heycoole matrix wie stelle ich die farben ein wie auf dem bild lg

  • Ist es irgendwie möglich die Mod auch für die KI-Version kompatibel zu machen.

    It is possible to make the mod compatible for the AI-Version of the Bus.

    Das wäre super / that would be nice

  • Kann mir jemand sagen wie man dafür die Ziele erstellt? Seit dem 1.03 Update sind die geschilderten Ziele nur klein dargestellt.

    Can someone tell me how to change the display on matrix? Since the 1.03 update, the goals described are only shown in small letters.

  • This File is missing to folder to script

    - C2_2T_Bus_K++.osc

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  • where can I find the version 1.1?

    • The mod was updated. You only have to download this version (1.3 FIXED) :)

  • and where i can find the old version?

    • The mod was updated. You only have to download this version (1.3 FIXED) :)

  • Does the mod works with 1.03

  • It is possible to make the K++ Matrix compatible with the AI-Version of the bus because the normal don´t work as AI

  • Could you update your Mod because a new patch came for the BRT Addon

    • Thank you for notifying me, I'll get to work immediately.

    • Thanks

    • i think the bus is broken.

      Error: ''##############' ist kein gültiger Gleitkommawert: AMUAV.CNAVO.MV.E

      431 00:03:03 - - Error: You want to create vehicle vehicles\BRT_C2-Solo\C2_2T_Morphi_K++.bus - it is invalid!

      Error: SchedVehicles: Illegal Index: P.TL: 13 (this came many times in the log)

    • It should be fixed now


  • Possible at the end of the tour that it says "Fahrt endet hier" like in the original version? Also can u see if u can see the issue that it does the 2nd last stop of the timetable as terminus?

  • You beat me to it xD, still haven't got round to publishing my K++ mod xD.

    Haha 1
  • Eh mercéééé foufou on the beat

    I love it! 1