Repaintpack by LazyMufinn 1.0.0

License Agreement
Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License (WTFPL)
Supported version of OMSI
OMSI v1.x & OMSI v2.x
Prerequisite commercial expansions
- Nothing -

A pack of repaints , for different vehicles , and different companies from different countries.

Hello ,

I release this pack because I realized I had quite a few liveries that were just sitting there and I never bothered to publish them before for some of them , so I put them all in here instead of submitting multiple files. This file contains a repaint pack for different vehicles , such as :

Thank you to :

-DadidouTV & Essonne Bus 91 for providing seat textures for the IDFM repaints

-Rayen Skeeya for giving me the idea to rework the IDFM livery