Citybus 628c & 628g LF Real Logo Mod. Logo Mods Update 1.4 (Plugin Update)

  • Logo Mods Update 1.4 (Plugin Update)

    I wanted to post a surprise plugin after such positive feedback. and here's the bike apparatus :)

    For The Model 1.4 Version, It Stands As A Dysfunctional Just Ornament. It Will Function In Future Updates!

    Thanks To The Entire WebDisk Family! :love::thumbup:

    Let's Get Down To The Details:

    - Independent Painting Option Available!

    - You Can Add Different Colors If You Want!

    You need to add codes to your CTI file, you can find them from a notepad called README.

    You Need To Install Older Versions!

  • 1.3 Final!

    Logo Mods Update V1.3 (Final)

    Update Details:

    - The front logo was changed over complaints.

    - The logo brightness adjustment on the back and front has been edited.

    - The old Mercedes logo, located under the wipers, was added.

    - Added Bluetec 5 logo for Euro 5 solo and articulated models.

    !- For the mode to work correctly, you need to download older versions. -!

    Thanks to all of you!


  • 1.2

    It is an update to correct the logo error on articulated buses!

    First you need to install version 1.0.0!

    Thank You To All Of You :)

  • 1.0.0