Berkhof Jonckheer/DAF SB250

Kompatible OMSI-Version
OMSI v2.x

Berkhof Jonckheer/VDL DAF SB250 by CityBus file:///D:/Sa%C4%8Duvati/OMSI%202/Screenshots/OMSI2_20150701_145320.jpg file:///D:/Sa%C4%8Duvati/OMSI%202/Screenshots/OMSI2_20150701_145534.jpg

This bus is made by CityBus from OMSI Forum index.php?page=User&userID=632 . THIS BUS IS NOT MY BUS!!!! The credits goes to him and other people who worked and helped him with bus. I am just uploading the bus here because he had a problem with WebDisk. The only thing mine here is the picture. Here you will have 4 variants. There is no articulate variant. That will come later.

Don't forget to download these fonts: Fonts - Download - 4shared - Jan Klit


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