Helsingin Seudun Liikenne (HSL) repaints 2.0.0

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Current v2.3.x
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Additional version notes
MAN DL05 is included in both X10 Berlin and Berlin BRT. Either one suffices.

This mod includes both regular repaints and metrobus repaints for MAN DL05 (DLC) doubledeckers.

There is currently only one operator presented: Nobina Finland. This package includes both regular repaint and metrobus repaint.

And a big thanks to Bimmler whose template made this repaint possible!

  • 2.0.0

    Changes to previous version

    • Colours corrected
    • Four operators: Helb, Nobina, PL and TLL
    • Dedicated interior textures
    • Updated decals

    :!:This is a complete version, you do not need any previous version for this to work. :!:

  • 1.0.0

  • Näyttää eeppiseltä nähdä Double Deckeri HSL-väreissä sen takia "Haha" reaktio! :D Näyttää muuten hyvältä!

    ps. Suomi mainittu! Torilla tavataan!

    I love it! 1
    • Uutta versiota tiedossa! Tiedosto upattu ja kuvat päivitetty.