PlayStation PSENG for MCI D4500CL/CT (Fictional, ZF Gearbox included) 1.0.1

License Agreement
Creative Commons <by>
Supported version of OMSI
OMSI v2.x
Recommended version of OMSI
Current v2.3.x
Prerequisite commercial expansions
- Nothing -

PlayStation PSENG MK1 soundmod for the American Motor Coach Industries D4500CL/CT in OMSI 2. Repaint not included.

This is the PlayStation PSENG MK1 engine soundmod for the North American Motor Coach Industries D4500CL/CT on OMSI 2. ZF Ecomat included.

The original bus by MTA3306 is required for the preinstalled soundmod. You have to go look it up yourself, since the WebDisk forbids external download links.

The PSENG engine can be reused for another bus (for example, the PSENG gets installed on the Citaro). To do that, go to MCI_D4500CL/Sound or MCI_D4500CT/Sound and copy the "PlayStation PSENG" folder to your bus' sound folder. Then create a new engine sound script of your bus with the PSENG's WAV. This is the correct script order of the WAV files:

Idle: PS11.wav

Gear 1: PS12.wav

Gear 2: PS13.wav

Gear 3: PS14.wav

Gear 4: PS21.wav

Gear 5+: PS31.wav

Enjoy! ^^^^^^

Repaint not included.


  • 1.0.1

    1.0.1 Complies with WebDisk upload rules.