Featured Renault Agora S €2 2Doors - RATP(Paris) variant HOTFIX 0.1.1

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Current v2.3.x
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The Renault Agora S €2, having circulated by thousands in France and abroad, here in its RATP (Paris) version.

The Agora is a range of low-floor city buses launched by Renault VI in 1995 on the occasion of the UITP congress in Paris. It is the first French-built low-floor bus produced on a large scale.

This pack is a modification of the Renault/Karosa Citybus 12 already available. It includes the Agora Diesel Voith, Diesel ZF, and CNG ZF operated by RATP between 1999 and 2017.

These vehicules are published in BETA state,and may or may not be subject to improvement.

Have a good game :)

  • HOTFIX 0.1.1

    HOTFIX 0.1.1 Changelog:

    - Fixed a bug causing the windows to not be repainted on the Diesel version

    - Fixed a bug on the interior line plans

    - Correction (partial) of an engine bug on the ZF Diesel version

    - Fixed a bug causing the validation of a Ziel to be impossible on the IBIS

    - Fixed a bug on the anouncements on Grundorf

    - Fixed a bug where the service sheet was disappearing

    - The version "BETA 0.1" is required.

  • BETA 0.1

  • ptn ya que moi pahahaha les annoces c ok mamafou et erreur 404?

  • Est-ce il y a un lien pour la hof de la girouette ratp avec la destination

  • Bonjour, c'est pour vous demandez si vous allez sortir un agora line ratp ?

  • Bonjour,

    Est ce que le Agora L 3 portes va bientôt sortir ?

    Merci d'avance

    • Oui, le Agora L E2 3 portes va sortir demain. Le Agora L E3 3 portes est annulé définitivement.

    • Merci beaucoup a toi pour l'info

  • Quel genre de carte est-ce en arrière-plan ?

  • Hi.

    Does anyone know the key command for stop brake of this bus?

    • It's numpad + or -, try both.

  • L'ibis ne fonctionne pas.... Et très mal expliqué dans le PDF d'explications... On ne sait pas quoi mettre dans "matricule"

    • la matricule est facultative. Personnellement , je mets "0" quand il me demande la matricule et l'ICS marche quand même... et qui est expliqué dans le PDF , "Le numéro de service vous est demandé, insérez un nombre aléatoire, idem pour le numéro de matricule."

  • My favorite bus :)

  • From the little i have tested it, it looks really well done, great work :). The Karosa Citybus is a legend of OMSI but it was really really old and has fallen way behind in quality. A well made overhaul of it was really needed and this mod brought some new life to this long lasting dinosaur.

    I have only one question: is it possible to set the line number to whatever line you are running like a regular display? I saw there is a matrix setvar but idk how that work. The regular rollband system is a bit inefficient if you want to just run a random map, do i really need a different repaint in the cti to show every single line of the map or is there a way to just display my current line number based of what i input in the IBIS? (ie: 07600 > 76)

    • Hi, on the ICS press the 9 button, and there are the setvars. :)

    • Of course, when the IBIS is started, push the blue button, then when it is marked "Numero de ligne", type the line number in the same way as on the IBIS "07600", then push tthe green "VALID" button. On the next screen ("Numero de Police"), type 9691, then valid until the ibis shows a message like "parametres enregistres". And at this moment, the rollband will move to the line number you typed before

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    • Yeah it worked. I had tested with lines 63 and 31 and didnt see anything, butprobably it was me not giving it enough time to load the correct rollband.

      Just a last question, is there a way (in the script, or a constfile or whatever) to make the rollband scroll faster? Because the bus seems to initialize with a random line number, and sometimes you set a line that is quite far away from that number (for example, last time i used it the rollband started in 293 and i loaded line 542), in that case it can take a long time to load the correct line.

      Thanks for your help, and again nice work with the bus :) specially i like the way the display works, because some maps dont have any IBIS routes configured and you must set it manually via 92 menu, with this bus the display will always load the correct route as long as you have an active timetable.

      I love it! 1
    • You can completely bypass the scrolling phase with the IBIS: When you're on the main screen (where the line,hour.. is displayed) press the "9" button, then scroll down with the yellow arrow button until the screen show something like "rlbnd": press valid, then it should display "valeur setvar" (setvar value in English). type your line number then press valid, and the rollband will directly go to this line number

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  • Tested it out and I can say it's a high quality rework of the original Agora bus we've known for some time. There are some small bugs (i.e the first window near the 1st door isn't placed very well), but overall it was a pleasure to drive it. Great work ;)

    • and some holes in stop buttons and one glass and there is still things for 3rd door(I mean that wall upper), but bus is great. :)

  • Pour être un profond fan des Agora, je trouve franchement qu'il est magnifique ! Merci tout plein !!

  • Autobuz grozav! Mulțumesc!

  • A nice addition !

    to make a sum up after testing the vehicles , I can only say that the vehicles are well done.

    -the sounds are great and the overall model of the bus is high quality

    -scripted details that add more to the quality (i.e. a working wheelchair ramp , the ticket reader can be clicked on and make a beeping sound)

    -customizable vehicle (it has quite a few setvars , and said setvars can be changed in-game through the ICS (IBIS))

    Other than that , even in a BETA state with a few bugs here and there , they are great vehicles. ;)