Featured Volvo 7700A (4 doors) - BKV FJX/FKU version Volvo 7700A | V1 version PATCH

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The 4 door articulated version of the Volvo 7700 family.

Welcome to everyone!8)

The time has come to release the 4-door version of the Volvo 7700A!

This bus is popular not only in Budapest, but also in other foreign countries, but its present condition reflects budapest, in which you can find two variants.

Two versions are the refurbished version, and the version that has not yet been renovated, as you can see in the pictures.

We look forward to the help of other enthusiastic modders in the further development of the bus!

Let's not drag the word any further, let's see what it contains!

First of all, please install the V1 version of BKK FUTÁR from here!

All you can find in the README.pdf!:heart:

THE ONE AND ONLY VOLVO 7700A: Created by OMSIWind, 2021:cheers:


  • Volvo 7700A | V1 version PATCH

    This patch repair the sits.

    Just overwrite all...

  • Volvo 7700A | V1 version

    Patch notes:


    • It's had a facelift, there will be no colour differences now, and the Trail is smoothed.
    • Leaky parts removed.
    • PROTOKON smoothed.
    • Passengers now use all the doors on take-off.
    • Grass bug mfw texture corrected.
    • Un textured white panels in driver's cab repaired.
    • Rear air conditioner remodeled
    • Front wall smoothed
    • Clickable table (:hearts:: @manfan )
    • The handrail has been removed from the seat in front of door 3
    • Rubber stripe at the side of the bus
    • Illumination interior added to dashboard
    • Matrix blankets inside.
    • Back display (:hearts:: @Lakatos Alehándró)
    • Rubber strip above wheel corner positioned.
    • Rear brake light
    • Rear seats smoothed
    • Back panel textured
    • New external emergency openers. Now nothing will stop at the till
    • Partitions re-textized

    And so many things that I can't think of anymore..


  • Volvo 7700A | BETA

    This is the first version of the bus, which is far from the final version of the bus!

    Play well!

  • Hi I have a problem with the bus. I have installed it and when im on the game its not playing. Its something wrong that I did?

  • How do i install this??

    • Download the archive end extract the folder "Vehicles" into your OMSI main directory.

  • People aren't stepping in or out in the last 2 doors. (trailer doors). Is there a fix for it???

  • I got some problems with the VOLVO 7700A, When I like to load the bus in omsi 2. It will disapearing into a black screen. In the logfile see I a lot of errors from the bus. I don't know how to fix it or if I missed something during the installation.

    I don't know, how I can post my logfile overhere. But I hope you can help me to find the problem.

  • Még a busz letöltésére sem érdemes időt pazarolni..

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  • PIN Cash register ??

    Passengers do not sit down...

  • Sziasztok szuper a busz csak az utolsó 2 ajtónál a végállomáson nem szálnak le csak be állnak az ajtóba onnan se le se fel ezt orvosolni lehet e?

  • pessenger kabin is kész van ??

    az utasok le és fel szállnak a hátsó ajtokon is ??

  • sziasztok volnam még mit csiszolni a volvon srácok be laggol a busz

  • Thank you! This one's real nice to drive and have decent model quality.

    However, can we have a guide of how to use FUTAR? It's rather hard to understand.

    • Hello!

      I'm glad to hear that! The next update will also have an IBIS display manager, maybe it will be simpler: D

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    • Yeah, an IBIS version would be great, thanks!

  • Thank you SO much it has the same dash as in our volvo b9sa le buses from 2005

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  • In terms of sounds it is quite the fantasy, because there are both zf and voith sounds :0

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  • Cant get the desto to work (people wont get on the bus)

  • you have to do something so we can open open the doors by keyboard please fix it !!!!

    • What's wrong with it?

    • i tried to open the doors by keyboard but i cant so i have to click the bytton on ths dash by mouse !

      why you dont do it like all the other busses which you can open the doors by keyboard also we can close it with this keys NUM/ NUM* NUM-

    • Chill man!!!

      <KY_bus_doorOpenEnable> --> Open Enable

      <KY_bus_doorallopen> --> Open

      <KY_bell> --> Bell

      <KY_doorallclose> --> Close

  • horrible mode

    Hát én leszedtem kipróbáltam, nem kellett volna.

    Külsőre olyan mintha wishről rendelték volna. Csillog villog veri vissza a fényt mint az állat semmi árnyék. A textúrák össze vissza alig illeszkednek egymáshoz.

    De legalább már nem lyukas ja de a negyedik ajtó mögött a felső kis ablaknál.

    Belül meg az első rész elmegy bár a busetecesnél a kijelzőtartó korlát a lámpából jön ki.A kijelző meg összenyomottan ír ki. A székek undorítóak a hátsó rész az üléseknél mintha nem töltött volna be a textúra kb. Szintén a leghátsó rész hullámzik a mennyezet mintha elolvadt volna kb. Mondjuk a volvo elég gyúlékony.

    A hátsó két ajtónál nem szállnak le az utasok.

    Ami jó az a első rész belső mennyezet és a műszerfal.A hangok elmennek.

    De az meg maga a pofátlanság hogy a readme végén: Tilos a modot engedély nélkül használni stb. miközben nektek se volt engedélyetek erre a nagy trágyára. Így nem csodálom ha majd semmit se adnak ki.


    Well, I downloaded and tried it, I shouldn't have.

    It looks like it was ordered from Wish. Outside it is very reflective of light, there are no shadows. The textures do not match.

    The model has a hole behind the fourth door at the top small window.

    Inside, even the first part isn’t bad, though with the busetec display, the railing comes out of the lamp. The displayed text is compressed. The chairs are disgusting. The back does not appear to have loaded the texture. Even on the back of the ceiling, the ceiling ripples as if it had burned. Let's say Volvo is quite flammable.

    Passengers do not disembark at the two rear doors.

    What’s good is the front ceiling and dashboard. The sounds are not bad.

    But cheekiness is what’s at the end of the readme: It’s forbidden to use the mod without permission, even though you didn’t have permission for that big manure.

    Reply from Professor ():

    Reméljük megnyugodt a kis lelked. Csak sajnálni tudlak, hogy ilyen sok időd van...;)

  • Very nice

    So i saw this now and i realized its based on the 7700 bus in omsi but this is awesome as it handles very well and i love this dash as our b9s buses have them slighly different but same steering wheel and dials.

    So i have a little suggestion for error sound now it has the newer dash sound and same sounds when i turn the ignition as from the 7700FL so it would be great if we got all ond sounds;)

    Is there a facebook page or discord for this project??

    Reply from Professor ():


    You can find us here:

    Discord: https://discord.gg/HWBBNEe9ey

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/omsiwindteam