Budapest 181 1.0

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This is a real line from Budapest, which is the IX. district, between the Jozsef Attila housing estate and Aszodi street.

The buildings are real, the textures will be updated in the future. Tram 3 runs on the track according to schedule, which also crosses the route of the line.

- 181 line route: Taviro street<->Aszodi street ~ 20 min

- The map includes tram repaint and FUTAR (which is the Budapest passenger information system) sounds.


  • I have this sceneryobject missed, someone can help me?

    Sceneryobjects\Futár külso utastájékotató\Futár külso utastájékotató.sco

    I really need it please

  • Error budapest

  • Is the JNG -724 ikarus classic still in WIP. I see it in the pictures

  • can you help with these files please


    Sceneryobjects\Courier External Passenger Information\Courier External Passenger Information.sco

    these seem to be missing.


    • These objects are included in the package. There may be a problem with the accented characters.

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  • The map dosnt load at me. There are non Tiles loading. How can i fix that? Maptools and Bluesky dosnt say anything about missing.

  • hello,

    I wpild Like to request more Pictures please 👍

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