Realistic dirt for MAN NL202 1.0.0

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Realistic dirt for MAN NL202

Since the release of omsi 2, I didn't like the MAN NL202 stock dirt... Finally got around to making more realistic dirt))) Have a nice trip!

  • Can you share your wheel's texture? It's really good

  • That's a beautiful texture!

    Also a great repaint you've got here, looks like ex VWS

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    • Nicht nur ex. VDS, auch ex Wendische Reisen. Man beachte die Belebung im Bereich der Hinterachse.

      Not only former VWS Siegen, it is also former Wendsche Reisen. It is clearly indicated by the window stickers near the rear axle.

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  • On on which map was made the screens ?

  • amazing work and really lovely to see people giving the original buses love too. fits in nicely with the bus

    what software did you use to create it if i may ask?

    • Thank you for your comment)

      Photoshop + various brushes t purchased texture packs

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    • Thanks! if its not too much trouble please could you link the texture packs/brushes you bought? :)